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At SITECH Southwest, we carry an array of versatile machine control systems for sale. No matter what equipment you operate or material you move around the job site, we can pair an innovative and upgradable system from Trimble for any earthmoving application or job site requirement.

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Paving Control for Slipform Pavers

Paving Control for Slipform PaversOnce you start paving concrete with PCS900, you’ll wonder how you could ever use string line. Trucks can pull up and dump without driving around string. You’ll stop less often, grind fewer problems and blow away your target IRI number.


Paving Control for Milling Machines

Mill out the waves. Controlling the precise cutting depth of the mill minimizes over-cutting, creates a smoother surface and reduces the need for additional material in the re-paving process.


Paving Control for Asphalt Pavers

Paving Control for Asphalt PaversOnce you start paving concrete with PCS900, you’ll wonder how you could ever use string line. Trimble Paving Control Systems help speed up your paving production while laying a smoother surface and reducing material costs.


Compaction Control for Asphalt Compactors

Eliminate the guesswork, roll a more efficient pattern, increase productivity and save fuel. The surface will speak for itself.


Grade Control Components

Doesn't your machine deserve the best? Trimble makes long lasting, accurate components for your grade control system, with proven quality you can depend on.


GNSS for Radios for Construction

Trimble radios offer flexible configuration options and rugged reliability for efficient use of GNSS on the construction site.



Grade Control for Scrapers

product - GCS9003DscraperMove dirt faster and more precisely, without stakes, to cut costs and improve safety.


Grade Control for Dozers

product - GCS9003Ddozer_1Better blade control. Faster operating speed. Automatic steering. Only Trimble lets you grade higher quality surfaces 35-40% faster, in any material type.


Grade Control for Excavators

product - GCS9003DhexMaximum efficiency for your excavator. Everyone talks about it, but only Trimble delivers.


Grade Control for Motor Graders

product - GCS9003DmotorgraderFinished grade with fewer passes. Place material faster and with millimeter accuracy. With Trimble on your grader you’ll keep costs to a minimum and realize better profits.


Grade Control for Wheel Loaders

Get to grade at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy or quality.


Compaction Control for Soil Compactors

product - CCS900soilTrimble Compaction Control Systems help you roll a more efficient pattern so you can reach target passes and density faster.

Grade Control for Compact Machines

product---GCS900-for-Compact-MachinesMaximize the control, speed and flexibility of your compact equipment. Now your mini machines can mean major productivity.

Machine Control for Drilling, Piling and Dynamic Compaction Machines

product - groundworksOptimize production and revenue for drilling, piling and dynamic compaction operations. All day, all night and under almost any conditions.

The Benefits of Systems for Your Organization

When you invest in a Trimble machine control system, it immediately begins to pay for itself. Contractors can take advantage of:

  • Easier, more efficient operations: Remove the guesswork that involves blade and bucket positions, surface grade and needed passes. You get precise readings at a glance to cut down on staking, checking and costly mistakes.
  • Increased productivity and profitability: With the precision needed to get your job right the first time, your company can go from task to task at a faster rate and trim down fuel and operating costs.
  • Added safety: Found in advanced Trimble systems, modern GPS machine control provides three-dimensional tracking for the entire job site. It can let operators and supervisors know exactly where dirt is being moved and monitor avoidance zones in real-time.
  • Adaptability: Trimble solutions scale with the size of your operations. There are available low-cost entry options, and when you want more sensing and monitoring capabilities, you can upgrade your system with ease.

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