Starting with decades of mining industry experience and spatial data leadership, Trimble has applied data integration expertise to connect all sources of mining data for use throughout the enterprise. Mining professionals in planning, production, processing, finance, accounting and human resource roles are able to make more informed and quicker decisions using data they can trust.

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Machine Control Systems

Make informed and quicker decisions for safe and profitable mining with Machine Control Systems.

Connect processing and business data with trusted mining so that the people who need centralized information can reduce risk and increase profits. Machine control systems help mining operations produce a trusted source of data that can be relied on enterprise-wide. Some machine control systems for mining include:

  • Construction Grade Control
  • Construction Compaction Control
  • Drilling & Piling Systems

For a full list of Machine Control Systems, please contact SITECH to learn more about Mining Technology that will connect your mine.

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fleet asset management for mining

Fleet & Asset Management

Improve equipment scheduling, fuel use, and cycle times with Fleet & Asset Management solutions.

Fix what needs to be fixed, and replicate or sustain what's working with Fleet & Asset Management for Mining. Fleet and Asset Managers can glean insights that drill down into the trenches or take a big-picture look at your mine. This holistic information sets managers up to make informed decisions about operations, safety and maintenance. All within your mine management system.

The fleet and asset management solutions available include:

  • VisionLink
  • Trimble Loadrite

If you are looking to optimize your operation through intelligent decision making, contact SITECH to learn more about Fleet & Asset Management solutions for Mining.

Software Solutions

Enable a leap in productivity and safety with connected software solutions.

Integrate data from fleet management systems, machine control, and guidance systems to improve your mine. By using data from resource modeling and productivity, your mining operation can utilize applications to track materials and achieve more productivity wins within a production environment.

Our mining software solutions include:

  • Connected Community
  • VisionLink
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Site Positioning Software

Connect your data to make informed decisions. Contact SITECH to learn more about Software Solutions to improve your mine planning and productivity.

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Site Positioning Systems

One central trusted source of information.

Site Positioning Systems provide the accuracy and reliability required from mining operations to increase safety and improve critical processes. With advanced technology capabilities, the way mines work can be transformed through a connected source of information that spans from the offices to the field and back in real-time.

Obtain data that you can trust. Here are a few site positioning systems that integrates data from disparate sources to produce reliable information for your mining enterprise:

  • TS635 & TS662 Mechanical Total Stations
  • SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna
  • SCS900 Site Controller
  • GNSS Radios
  • TSC3 Controller
  • SPS730 & SPS930 Universal Total Stations
  • SPS585 GNSS Smart
  • SPS620 & SPS720 Robotic Total Stations
  • GNSS Correction Sources
  • Trimble Site Mobile
  • TCU Control Unit
  • Trimble Site Tablet
  • SPS855 GNS Modular Receiver

Ready to use one set of data and business metrics? Contact SITECH to learn more about Site Positioning Systems that will help increase the optimization of your mining operation.

Geotechnical Monitoring Solutions

Simplify your geotechnical and environmental monitoring programs.

We can help you eliminate manual field measurements, simplify sensor configuration, and add flexibility to your reporting. Additionally, you can reduce costs and access real-time sensor data, analytics, and state of-the-art visualization tools to substantially reduce risk.

We can design and implement a data capture solution using connectivity devices or pair with existing hardware and Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Our platforms easily connect and integrate sensors for:

  • Tailings Dam Management
  • Slope Stability Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring and Compliance Reporting
  • Groundwater Management

Gain the tools to substantially reduce risk and cost.  Contact SITECH to learn more about monitoring solutions for real-time risk assessment and environmental management.

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