Aggregates Solutions For Quarries

Maximize productivity and enhance profitability with solutions for quarry planning, extraction, processing, load out, and distribution. As a leading provider in quarry production management, our aggregates solutions for quarries can help you increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and get control of your inventory.

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Machine Control Systems

Measure, compare and optimize production in real-time with Machine Control Systems.

Scale your business management tools by connecting data across internal web browsers and mobile devices for easy access. Equip plant managers, quarry managers, and process improvement teams with a centralized source of information to improve decisions and increase profits. Machine control systems help with real-time plant production data to optimize performance. Some machine control systems for quarries include:

  • Drilling Systems
  • Grade Control Loaders

For a full list of Machine Control Systems, please contact SITECH to learn more about solutions that will improve quarry productivity.

machine control systems

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Construction Tools

Increase profitability, lower operational costs, and improve quality with Construction tools for quarries.

The range of Construction tools adds value to aggregates by helping operators collect centralized data to achieve their goals. The multiple workflows of aggregates are connected from the pit to the final constructed product through leading tools that share relevant data with the right people.

Some of those relevant construction tools for quarries include:

  • Spectra Grade Lasers
  • Spectra Laser Levels
  • Spectra Optical Instruments

Never lose sight of the site. Contact SITECH to learn more about Construction tools for quarries.

Software Solutions

Integrate advanced capabilities and technologies with connected software solutions.

We help customers tackle some of their greatest challenges that include fleet management systems, machine control, weighing systems, and more. By using integrated data, your operation can become more streamlined through waste reduction and improved efficiency within multiple levels of your environment.

Our software solutions include:

  • Quantm Alignment
  • Connected Community
  • VisionLink
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Insight HQ

Connect your quarry. Contact SITECH to learn more about Software Solutions that benefit multiple levels across the aggregates production process.

quarry software solutions

Site Positioning Systems

Monitor and measure information across the quarry.

Site Positioning Systems provide the accuracy and reliability required from aggregates to increase visibility of progress against plans and improved timeliness of resource allocation decisions. With advanced technology capabilities, the way quarries work can be connected through information that impacts the effectiveness of production and planning.

Make better long term planning decisions based on hard data. Here are a few site positioning systems that benefit aggregates:

  • TS635 & TS662 Mechanical Total Stations
  • SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna
  • SCS900 Site Controller
  • GNSS Radios
  • TSC3 & TSC7 Controller
  • Site Pulse
  • SPS585 GNSS Smart
  • GNSS Correction Sources
  • Trimble Site Tablet
  • SPS855 GNS Modular Receiver

Control and sustain positive process changes. Contact SITECH to learn more about Site Positioning Systems that improve data access and outcomes.

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