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SITECH Southwest – Henderson

SITECH Southwest is a leading technology solutions provider for construction and related industries throughout the Southwest. We specialize in technology solutions that assist with applications such as earthmoving, mining, agriculture, landfilling and more.

Our Henderson, Nevada, location is equipped with the services and technology solutions you need to improve project management, increase efficiency and enhance project results. We are proud to serve companies across industries in Henderson and the surrounding areas, delivering solutions to match unique project scopes and specifications.


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Machine Control Solutions

Machine control systems are vital within construction and related industries that need to grade and position with accuracy and confidence. These solutions give operators more control over their equipment and their environment to yield benefits such as:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced adaptability
  • More efficient operations

As an authorized dealer for Trimble, Caterpillar and Spectra Precision machine control systems, SITECH Southwest has the top-quality machine control solutions you need to satisfy your job site requirements. Our Henderson location offers several innovative systems that combine GPS/GNSS with 3D modeling to show you the exact positioning of your equipment. Automated control systems we carry include:


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Site Positioning Solutions

Accurate site positioning is essential in construction project management, enabling teams to make smarter, faster decisions that impact project efficiency. SITECH Southwest's Henderson location provides advanced site positioning technologies that offer:

  • Easy-to-use software and hardware components
  • Simplified digital information tracking and measuring
  • Versatile configurations

A few of the site positioning solutions available at our Henderson office include:

  • Robotic total stations: Simple, accurate and convenient, robotic total stations increase access to the reliable data you need for site positioning.
  • Laser levels: Ensure surfaces are level with consistent, dependable and precise laser levels.
  • Wireless communication systems: We offer tools such as site tablets, controllers, antennas, receivers and radios to help you gather, track and measure data quickly and efficiently.


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Construction Software Solutions

Construction software enables engineers, surveyors, contractors and other team members to easily collaborate, ensure accuracy and manage project development. Construction software offers benefits such as:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Enhanced project management
  • Improved safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs

SITECH Southwest partners with Trimble and other industry-leading software providers to offer the latest high-quality construction technology. Our Henderson location provides multiple types of construction software solutions, including:

  • Project management software
  • Data analysis tools
  • Design software
  • Earthworks estimating software
  • 3D modeling and design software
  • LiDAR processing software
  • Photogrammetry software


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Drones and UAV/UAS in Henderson, NV

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are essential on modern construction sites. They enable teams to safely and remotely survey land, collect site information and monitor project progress.

Our UAS solutions include:

  • Quadcopters: When you need precise aerial maneuvers to navigate your job site, a quadcopter is an ideal choice.
  • Vertical take-off: This type of drone can take off and land vertically, offering greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Photogrammetry: Drones improve accuracy and efficiency for surveying and mapping applications through aerial photogrammetry.
  • LiDAR: Our UAS solutions can carry light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors to assist with accurate data collection.
  • Hovermap: Hovermap provides simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)- based LiDAR. When attached to a drone, it offers a versatile, safe and quick solution for mapping inaccessible areas.


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Industry Applications

We are proud to partner with companies in Henderson, Nevada, and the surrounding areas to help meet their unique job site needs. SITECH Southwest's technology solutions have diverse applications across industries, including:

Benefits of SITECH Southwest’s Solutions

SITECH Southwest is an authorized dealer and experienced service provider serving operations in and around Henderson, so you can trust us to deliver the expert services your company requires. We offer innovative technology solutions from Trimble and other leading brands to help you resolve complex challenges.

When you implement SITECH Southwest's technology solutions, you can expect benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • Reduced rework
  • Enhanced safety


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Our Service and Support

SITECH Southwest is committed to customer satisfaction, providing the ongoing support our clients need throughout a project's life cycle. Our Henderson location provides comprehensive services to meet your needs, including:

  • Training: We offer hands-on training to prepare you and your team to make the most of your technological investments.
  • Installation: Let our construction professionals handle your technology installations for optimal efficiency and safety.
  • Maintenance: Our team can provide preventive maintenance to help maximize your equipment's productivity and life span.
  • Repairs: We possess a large inventory of parts to provide the quick turnaround repair times you need to get your equipment back into the field.
  • Technical assistance: Our Henderson office has factory-trained, certified and experienced service technicians capable of handling your unique needs.


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When you choose SITECH Southwest, you'll experience greater accuracy and streamlined project management so you can boost your bottom line. Our technology solutions for machine control, site positioning and construction software will give you the insights you need to enhance efficiency on the job site, whatever your project scope might be.

Schedule a consultation to see how our construction technology solutions can address your unique concerns and project requirements. You can also contact us online to learn more about our services or visit our Henderson office location to discuss your questions in person.

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