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Reduce the time and expense of stakes and survey crews with landfill technology solutions in Nevada and Arizona that include site positioning, machine control systems, fleet management, software, and more. Learn how these solutions can help you get to target compaction faster, with less fuel costs and greater accuracy.

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Machine Control Systems

Do things you never thought were possible with Machine Control Systems.

Equip your jobsite with the systems that lead to more productivity and better planning. With Machine Control Systems designed specifically for landfills, your information can become centralized for easy access no matter what your operational needs are. Improve decisions and increase profits with some of these machine control systems for landfills:

  • CCS900 Landfill Compactor
  • CCS900 Landfill Dozer

For a full list of Machine Control Systems, please contact SITECH to learn more about solutions that will improve landfill productivity.

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Software Solutions

Track the compaction and fill processes at your site with connected software solutions developed for the Landfill Manager.

Enjoy greater efficiency and productivity in the office and on the site with easy-to-use software that helps manage and optimize your landfill performance. Software features allow landfill managers to accurately calculate compaction density, volume, landfill life estimates, scale weights, and much more within a configurable dashboard with comprehensive reporting.

Landfill software solutions include:

  • VisionLink
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Trimble Stratus

Watch our video where hardware and software solutions are brought together to calculate the life of a landfill, and software solutions applied to landfill projects are explained.

Maximize the life of your landfill. Contact SITECH to learn more about Software Solutions for landfills.

Construction Tools

Get efficient elevation and alignment control on the jobsite with construction tools for landfills.

The range of Construction tools includes laser levels, horizontal and vertical lasers, grade lasers, receivers and optical instruments including:

  • Spectra Grade Lasers
  • Spectra Laser Levels
  • Spectra Optical Instruments

Improve productivity in a wide range of jobs. Contact SITECH to learn more about Construction tools for landfills.

Site Positioning Systems

Monitor and measure information across the landfill.

Here are a few site positioning systems that help Landfill Managers make better long term planning decisions based on hard data:

  • TS635 & TS662 Mechanical Total Stations
  • SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna
  • SCS900 Site Controller
  • GNSS Radios for Construction
  • TSC3 & TSC7 Controller
  • Site Pulse
  • SPS585 GNSS Smart
  • GNSS Correction Sources
  • Trimble Site Tablet
  • SPS855 GNS Modular Receiver

Contact SITECH to learn more about Site Positioning Systems that improve data access and outcomes.

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