Better management of the whole construction project starts with accurate positioning. Even if you're new to GPS technology, you can easily use the hardware and software offered by Trimble that makes it easier to locate, measure and track digital information.

Our Available Options

SITECH Southwest offers a wide variety of Trimble positioning systems for sale, featuring stations, controller units and software. Below, you can find what we carry to help your company achieve more precise readings and stay connected on every task.

Learn more about the line of Trimble site positioning systems:

Trimble Siteworks Positioning System

Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems are designed to eliminate downtime by making every minute more productive.

Trimble Site Tablet

product - sitetabletConnect your office to the field with the Trimble Site Tablet, a rugged and fully connected field computer for construction measurements and site positioning. Brains and brawn. What could be better?

Trimble SiteVision

An outdoor augmented reality system for communicating new designs and changes to field crews, and calculating quick measurements on site including points, lines and cut/fill values.

SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna

The SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna is the smallest and toughest GNSS receiver Trimble has ever built, and can be used as a GNSS rover system or as a Wi-Fi enabled base statio.

Trimble TSC3 Controller

product - TSC3Your rugged workhorse for site measurement, stakeout, and grade checking operations, the TSC3 gives supervisors, foremen, grade checkers and site engineers total control of site operations.

Trimble TSC7 Controller

Big screen. Giant potential. A bigger screen, powerful processing and Windows 10 means you’re carrying all the potential of a laptop - right in the palm of your hand.

SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver

product - SPS855_0Save time, money and headaches with the SPS855, Trimble's reliable, easy-to-use base station solution. With remote monitoring and alerts, an internal radio and rover capability, the SPS855 meets all your needs.

SPS785 GNSS Smart Antenna

Fully capable GNSS receiver featuring proven Trimble quality and accuracy priced for a faster return on investment.

GNSS Correction Sources

product - GNSSbasestationYour GNSS operations are only as good as your correction source. You choose the right one for you. Larger sites may need a GNSS base station, smaller sites may opt for a virtual correction source.

GNSS Antennas

GNSS Antennas for ConstructionTrimble offers several models of GPS and GNSS antennas to suit your specific application, signal tracking and budget requirements.

GNSS Radios

product - radiosTrimble radios offer flexible configuration options and rugged reliability for efficient use of GNSS on the construction site.

SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations

product - SPSX30Nothing else comes close. Trimble Universal Total Stations lead the industry in accuracy, range and reliability for fine grading, paving, stockpile scanning and site measurements.

SPS620 and SPS720 Robotic Total Stations

product - SP720and620Keep it accurate, but keep it simple. The SPS620 and SPS720 are perfect for one-person operation on smaller site operations and work on structures such as bridges or culverts.

The Benefits of Site Positioning for Your Job Site

The investment in a Trimble system on your site will start to repay itself immediately. Contractors can see improvements throughout their workflow in these ways:

  • Smarter, faster decisions: The systems on your site provide better navigation and more accurate measurements and monitoring, which decreases rework when you can reliably meet the tightest of specifications. Speedier performance means a boost in productivity as well.
  • Consistent, shared information: Wireless connectivity lets multiple Trimble controllers stay in sync, so any newly recorded or updated information quickly reaches everybody from the truck operators to the supervisors in the office.
  • Versatile configurations: Trimble site positioning systems offer scalable solutions for the size of your site and project needs. There are entry-level antennas and controller units for any application, with the option to use a different antenna or correction source to keep a stable signal in a challenging environment, such as a parking garage overhead.

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