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Construction payload weighing systems by Trimble® and Caterpillar® monitor a range of equipment data during material loading and transfer. Depending on the product, these systems provide real-time access to payload weight and distribution while collecting and storing data to improve operational efficiency, profitability and performance.

At SITECH Southwest, we distribute the full line of Cat Payload and Trimble LOADRITE™ solutions for optimizing weight and utilizing your fleet to its maximum potential. From scales to in-cab monitoring systems, these construction payload weighing systems can be used for many applications on remote job sites and permanent installations.

These systems are designed for use with a range of material loading and handling equipment, including:

  • Loaders
  • Forklifts
  • Conveyors
  • Excavators
  • Reach stackers
  • Material haulers

The Trimble LOADRITE Payload Weighing System

Trimble LOADRITE is a comprehensive payload weighing system for equipment built by any manufacturer. LOADRITE products include an extensive selection of scales for reading accurate load weight within 3% with no impact on operational speed. These versatile systems are designed for use with many machines, including conveyors, forklifts, haul trucks and other material handling equipment.

Operators can view data pulled from their load to achieve optimal load size and equal weight distribution. Trimble's payload weighing system pairs with proprietary software to track total tons moved per hour, fuel consumption and material location to simplify operations at the management level. With LOADRITE, you can ensure your equipment runs with purpose and monitor its condition to schedule preventive maintenance.


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How Do Payload Measurement Systems Work?

LOADRITE construction payload measurement systems consist of multiple components to track, record and compile your data for simple reporting and better fleet management. Standard features include:

  • Pressure transducers:Sense hydraulic pressure in the lift cylinders during lifting.
  • Multiple triggers: Sense and transmit load weight throughout lifting for accurate and reliable readings.
  • Indicators: Provide the operator with an easy user interface pre-programmed with Trimble software.

Optional features to get more from your payload weighing system include:

  • Slope compensation: Stabilize readings for accurate measurements over uneven terrain.
  • Mobile printer: Provide reporting capabilities in the field with time-stamped, hard-copy receipts displaying a range of data.
  • Software solutions: Install LOADRITE Material Management System (MMS) software at the office to easily monitor and access all tracked information.

The Cat® Payload Measurement System

Cat Payload is designed for use with the Caterpillar lineup of heavy equipment for loading, hauling and moving material. These systems utilize sensors, control modules and software to deliver payload data to the operator on an easy-to-read display. This integrated system monitors each load for weight and distribution to hit target amounts, increasing productivity and eliminating unnecessary wear.

The Cat Payload measurement system allows operators to maximize machine capability for each pass, delivering benefits such as:

  • Optimal production: Using the in-cab display, operators can track goals, monitor load cycles and view payload weights. Cat Payload eliminates over-loading or under-loading so you can utilize your machines to their full potential and reduce service and maintenance costs.
  • Performance insights:With the Cat LINK system, managers at the office can use data to track production and monitor equipment and operator performance. You can develop smarter routes, improve resource consumption and gain a 360-degree perspective of material movement.

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