Information technology is the future of construction industry applications. At SITECH Southwest, we help shape this future by providing the latest Trimble construction management software for builders and contractors.

SITECH Southwest's Software Solutions

Construction management software solutions improve planning and collaboration processes for architects and contractors in all areas of development. Because more companies are choosing to implement management software for its convenience and safety benefits, it’s up to those companies to find equipment and systems they can rely on.

SITECH Southwest offers high-quality construction technology through Trimble, which is known for manufacturing some of the smartest heavy equipment solutions on the market. Our selection of Trimble software is optimized to help you make safer, more efficient decisions for your company.

Options for Your Needs

Our inventory contains multiple types of construction management software for building and contracting company owners. The solutions we have available include:

Trimble Business Center

businesscenter-hceTrimble Business Center allows you to create quick 3D models of construction sites. More accurate estimations and smooth data management capabilities make this software an excellent choice for construction workers and surveyors.

Quantm Alignment Planning System

product - quantmWhatever your needs, Trimble’s Quantm Alignment Planning System can help reduce operational costs while delivering higher-quality alignments. This software is designed to assist road, highway and rail projects.

Trimble Stratus

Trimble StratusWhen you need reliable topographical data for drone site surveys, Trimble Stratus will help you collect, analyze and interpret information faster. By using high-quality images and measurements, you’ll draw more accurate conclusions and keep workers safe on the job.


InsightHQ offers the most recent construction software technology through this intuitive quarry management tool. You can monitor productivity and performance, making adjustments as you see fit with this web browser software.

WorksManager Software

Intuitive, mobile-friendly software to easily manage data and technology assets across project sites. No drive time. No waiting. No downtime.

Trimble WorksOS

Increase Uptime. Minimize Downtime. Maximize Productivity.


How Construction Management Software Can Benefit You

Construction management software solutions make architectural and land development projects safer, easier and more efficient. At SITECH Southwest, we have more experience in construction technology than any other dealer or service provider in Arizona, Nevada, and Southeast California. As a result, we’re qualified to enhance your business’s operations with some of the industry’s smartest software.

Our construction software solutions from Trimble will transform your company by preventing mistakes, reducing equipment costs, increasing asset value and improving employee collaboration. We’ll also support your software over the long-term with our training and repair services.

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With the help of SITECH Southwest’s software solutions for construction companies, you’ll maintain a competitive edge as industry demands increase. We’re happy to work with you on a customized business solution, so call today at 602-600-0214 or fill out our online form to get started!