Used Machine Control Equipment

If you want to add a used 2D or used 3D machine control system to your fleet, shop the used equipment selection at SITECH Southwest. With our wide variety of used machine control systems for sale, we are sure to have the product you are looking for at a price that fits your budget. We also offer extended warranties to protect your equipment in the field along with expert installation and training specialists. Our territory covers all of Arizona, Nevada, and Southeast California for quick, reliable service.


Our Machine Control Systems for Sale

There are many kinds of machine control systems for pavement, drilling, grading, excavating and more. Here are just some of the kinds of used Trimble machine control devices we have available:

  • Global navigation satellite system (GNSS): A GNSS sends signals to rovers and other machines with position and timing data that determines location. The rover uses this information to survey the site without staking and employ coordinates to determine dig locations.
  • Paving control:A paving control system uses 2D references or 3d references to pave a surface at a preset thickness. This setup helps operators use less paving material, saving money and enhancing productivity.
  • Total stations:A total station device is used for surveying and construction to measure sloping distance and vertical angles. This data can be computed to determine distance, earth volumes, and coordinates, stake out and other time saving processes.
  • Drilling and piling systems: Drilling systems can drill into the surface to an exact depth to ensure accuracy and reduce wear and tear on components. GPS and Lasers are also used with piling machines for accurate and efficient placement without the need for constant surveying.
  • Compaction control: Compaction control equipment maps compaction measurements to ensure the project is meeting its requirements.
  • Drones: Drones used for demonstration and training are many times offed to clients at a discount via our used equipment sales team.

Why Add Used Machine Control Systems to Your Fleet?

A machine control system is an investment that pays for itself quickly in saved time and money. Owning this equipment will give your business advantages like:

  • Greater control of job costs: Machine control equipment will provide you with an accurate estimate of the project timeline and required materials. This knowledge will allow you to plan your work schedules with confidence and control costs since there will be no wasted resources.
  • High productivity:With the advantages offered by machine control, you can complete work faster and improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Accurate work:Machine control systems ensure that your work and material specifications are correct the first time. This accuracy minimizes material waste and costly rework.
  • No re-staking:Moving stakes for changed designs takes significant cost resources. Machine control systems eliminate the need for this, as new designs are uploaded into the system with no need to re-stake the job site.
  • Less maintenance:Dozers and graders experience more wear and tear as their hours increase. Machine control equipment streamlines work so your earthmoving machines can accomplish the same tasks in fewer passes.

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SITECH Southwest is the leading source for machine control equipment in Arizona and Southeast California. We update our inventory continuously, so check back often or contact us to see what used machine control systems we have for sale.

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