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At SITECH Southwest, we distribute the full line of products from Spectra Precision. Our experienced representatives match customers with innovative solutions for use in virtually any general or interior construction project. These tools are cost-effective investments, saving time on projects while adding capabilities that are unmatched by conventional surveying equipment and methods.

Spectra Precision is trusted by contractors worldwide for accuracy at every stage of the project, including:

  • Paving
  • Survey
  • Excavation
  • Site planning
  • Underground pipe installation

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We offer a full range of products in the following core categories:

Pipe Lasers

Grade Lasers

Laser Levels

Optical Instruments


Benefits of Using Laser Survey Equipment for Construction

Spectra Precision laser construction survey tools are affordable and designed for use where you need to work fast without worrying about water, dirt or impacts. From tripod-mounted level lasers to handheld distance meters, our selection of construction tools delivers many advantages to help firms make smarter decisions every step of the way.

From before you break ground to finishing a project built to precise specifications, laser survey tools for construction make achieving level and slope easy. They also help you:

  • Achieve higher precision: Laser levels and advanced optical equipment deliver readings you can rely on for accuracy, eliminating interruptions caused by errors.
  • Complete jobs faster:With laser construction tools, you can cut down the time needed to survey a site, check progress and record final positions after completion.
  • Stay on schedule: Working faster and reducing errors means you can stay right on schedule to keep projects of any size moving for maximum efficiency.
  • Bid more projects: Completing jobs faster, finishing on schedule and reducing the chance for rework means building your reputation and freeing up resources to bid more projects.

Laser Construction and Survey Tools

These products are convenient and durable, delivering accurate data you can rely on to make fast decisions on the job. Spectra Precision is known throughout the industry for producing innovative solutions for contractors with the most up to date supporting software. At SITECH Southwest, we distribute the full line of laser construction survey tools and equipment, with products including:

  • Grade lasers: Spectra Precision single and dual grade lasers are self-leveling and excellent for grading elevation changes without imperfections.
  • Pipe lasers: Pipe lasers are the perfect tool for sewer, drainage and laying other gravity flow pipe systems with pinpoint accuracy. Another popular use for the pipe laser has been helping the contractor with the tedious process of aligning hundreds of posts in large soar field projects.
  • Laser levels: Laser levels are essential equipment for practically any project, offering one-person precision leveling capability in a system anyone can learn.
  • Optical tools: Traditional optical surveying tools have been around for centuries. Today’s instruments have auto leveling, digital displays, laser plummets and many more innovations to help you complete your construction project with accuracy and confidence.
  • Accessories: Enhance your laser survey equipment with a range of versatile accessories, including remote controls, sighting scopes, durable carrying cases and much more.

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