Rotary-Grade Lasers

Rotary-grade lasers enable your teams to perform leveling and slope tasks on your job site. They have various applications in construction, landscaping and drainage work, making them a valuable tool. At SITECH Southwest, we provide a full line of grade lasers from Spectra Precision to equip you with the proper tools for any task.


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Understanding Rotary-Grade Lasers

Rotary-grade lasers quickly spin a light beam to create a 360-degree plane. The laser beam hits a receiver, which picks up the signal and uses audible and visual cues to show when the laser beam is at the same level as the receiver. Grade lasers allow you to determine the desired grade and elevation for various tasks.

Beyond providing a 360-degree plane, grade lasers allow you to perform accurate slope setting. You can use the laser to find a vertical plane, then move the receiver down to the desired gradient and use the laser beam to create a line with your desired slope.

Grade lasers allow your teams to perform groundwork tasks like digging down or building up. Here are a few typical applications across industries:

  • Construction: Teams in this industry often use grade lasers for tasks like setting foundations, aligning concrete forms or grading land.
  • Landscaping: Grade lasers allow landscapers to create a reference they can use for building retaining walls or performing lawn and garden grading.
  • Drainage: Use grade lasers to plan drainage, grade for erosion control, create stable slopes and manage stormwater.

The Grade Lasers We Offer

SITECH Southwest offers a complete selection of Spectra Precision lasers for any application. We provide single-grade, dual-grade and specialist lasers.

Single-Grade Lasers

These lasers project a laser beam to establish a single slope in one direction. The laser suits tasks that require a consistent slope, such as drainage or road construction projects. These lasers are typically the easiest and most cost-effective to use. They’re a worthwhile investment for those performing simple grading tasks.

SITECH Southwest offers three Spectra Precision single-grade lasers:

  • GL412N: This laser has a range of up to 330 feet. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides automatic grade match and the capability to enter the exact grade you want on a single axis.
  • GL612N: This single-grade laser offers 25% additional range over the GL412N. It includes a simple graphical interface and quick start-up to increase your productivity on job sites.
  • GL710: When you want the best single-grade laser, turn to the GL710. It has high accuracy up to 750 feet, leading durability for the most demanding jobs and advanced features like grade reverse.

Dual-Grade Lasers

Dual-grade lasers can establish slopes in two directions simultaneously. This capability allows users to set slopes in the x- and y-axis. These lasers suit more complex grading tasks, including sites with multiple slopes.

Here are the dual-grade lasers we offer:

  • GL1425C: This laser performs level, grade and vertical alignment tasks. It has a working range of 2,600 feet and multiple configuration options to adapt to any task.
  • GL622N: This device offers grade capabilities ranging from -25% to +25% for various general and specialty contracting jobs. It has a range of 2,600 feet and features like anti-vibration.
  • GL720 or GL722: These lasers have the highest accuracy and longest range. They include many features, such as grade reverse, temperature compensation, an automatic off-grade sensor and a grade bump.

Specialist Lasers

SITECH Southwest also offers the Spectra Precision UL633N grade laser. This specialized tool provides automatic control of the x, y and z axes. The x and y axes use traditional leveling, while the z-axis uses unique fan beam technology. This laser is the most versatile option for those who seek a single tool for performing all leveling, alignment and grading tasks. Its functions include

  • Automatic self-leveling
  • Automatic grade matching
  • Automatic axis alignment
  • Anti-vibration filter
  • Mask mode
  • Planelok

The laser also includes two HL760 advanced digital readout receivers and the SF601 SpotFinder, giving you a comprehensive toolkit.

Your Source for Construction Leveling Tools

SITECH Southwest is a leading provider of technology solutions for numerous applications. Here are a few reasons we're a trusted source for grade lasers and other leveling tools.

  • Authorized dealer: We are an authorized dealer for Spectra Precision, Trimble and Caterpillar, so you get quality products from a reliable source.
  • Extensive inventory: We offer Spectra Precision rotary-grade lasers and all the necessary accessories to utilize these tools most effectively.
  • Broad coverage: We have locations in Arizona, Nevada and Southeast California, serving a range of customers in the Southwest United States.
  • Quality service: Our team knows the equipment we sell and provides expertise and dedicated service to help customers choose the right solution.

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Determine grades, elevation and slope for various earthworks tasks with Spectra Precision lasers from SITECH Southwest. We have a full line of products for you to choose from.

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