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Machine Control

Operators will gain an in-depth understanding of Trimble machine control systems. This course will cover the operation and use for Excavators, Dozers and Motorgraders.

Topics Include:

  • Task specific workflows
  • Interface and menu navigation
  • User interface customization
  • Project and design management
  • Apply horizontal & vertical offsets to a design
  • Working with alignments & corridors
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Best practices for common tasks


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Site Positioning

You'll learn the best practices for setup, site requirements, data management, and more through classroom and in-the-field exercises.

Topics Include:

  • Base station and rover setup
  • Site requirements, SPS controller and data management
  • Site calibrations
  • Managing 3D data models and files
  • Using high-quality graphics and interfaces to your advantage
  • Maximizing survey performance on a small device
  • Running complex programs with the system


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UAV Flight

Our FAA certified UAS pilots will help you gain a working knowledge of your equipment quickly. These sessions teach you better control so you can navigate your drone and manage data more effectively.

Topics Include:

  • Fundamentals of flight/airspace
  • Ground station and survey
  • UAS hardware configurations, setup and maintenance
  • Mission planning, flight and flight processing



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TBC: Site Takeoff

Effectively completing your site takeoff projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics include:

  • Template setup with view filters, layers and layer groups
  • Building a material data base
  • Standardizing and categorizing layers for a dynamic take off
  • Inputting information from PDF files
  • Building site demo and subgrade areas
  • Generating takeoff reports and graphics

Upcoming dates: 9/29, 10/27


TBC: Site Modeling

Learn the best methods for completing site modeling projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics Include:

  • Importing CAD files and PDF files
  • Clean up of linework needed for models
  • Standardizing and categorizing layers for dynamic modeling
  • Clipping contours
  • Adding breaklines to the surface
  • Performing QA/QC on the surface
  • Exporting files for the field

Upcoming dates: 10/6 , 11/3


TBC: Road Modeling

Accomplish effective road modeling projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics Include:

  • Building centerline alignments
  • Building vertical curves
  • Building super elevations
  • Building the road with the use of the corridor
  • Creating files for the field



Upcoming dates: 9/24, 10/22


TBC: UAS Master

Looking to get up to speed with UAS projects? Learn how with Trimble Business Center.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a template in TBC
  • Setting TBC to a site’s calibration
  • Importing ground control points into TBC
  • Exporting information into UAS Master
  • Importing images into UAS Master
  • Creating a point cloud and ortho of the flight
  • Importing information back into TBC

Upcoming dates: 10/1


TBC: Utility Modeling

Learn helpful tips and tricks on utility modeling projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics Include:

  • Building utility networks
  • Building pipe runs
  • Performing utility takeoffs
  • Exporting files to the field



Upcoming dates: 10/13, 11/10


TBC: Site Mass Haul

Just added! Training on mass haul projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics Include:

  • Analyze site takeoff for the movement of dirt on a site
  • Build multiple haul paths to move dirt in the most profitable and productive way
  • Create a mass haul diagram to give a graphical view of how the material will be moved


Upcoming dates: 10/20, 11/17


TBC: Haul Road Design

Learn the beth methods and procedures for effectively completing your site and landfill haul road and 3D jobsite projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics include:

  • How to build a centerline alignment
  • How to use the Side Slope Tool
  • How to modify the road in profile view
  • How to calculate cut to fill
  • How to use smart text for live cut to fill numbers
  • How to export out to the field


Upcoming dates: 10/15, 11/12


TBC: Mining Haul Road & 3D Site

Learn the best methods and procedures for effectively completing your mining haul road and 3D jobsite projects with Trimble Business Center.

Topics include:

  • Importing CAD, PDF, GIS, Point Cloud and Minesight data
  • Cleaning up linework for models
  • Standardizing and categorizing layers for dynamic modeling
  • Clip contouring
  • Performing QA/QC on the surface
  • Building vertical curves
  • Building super elevations
  • Building haul roads with the use of the corridor

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Drone Data Processing

Drone equipment provides you detailed maps and measurements, enhanced team communication and improved jobsite management capabilities. Our training courses will help you make the most of your drone equipment for maximum ROI benefits.

Topics Include:

  • Mission planning and payload sensor optimization
  • Cloud Solutions Trimble Stratus processing
  • Trimble Business Center direct JXL
  • Overview of UAS Master and Pix4D


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Cat® MineStar

Onboard guidance and real-time feedback tools help you plan your work, then work your plan, more efficiently. You can increase drill capacity, crusher throughput and material accuracy while driving consistency in payloads. Our trainers can show you how Cat Terrain can help you hit your targets.

Topics Include:

  • Utilizing site design and grading
  • Setting up active Ore Control
  • Grabbing real data to place back into planning
  • Train the trainer


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Trimble Business Center Power Hour

Our Technology Specialist, Mike Tartaglia, will present how to use Trimble Business Center and VisionLink for underground as-builts.

More information coming soon!

Date: 10/14

Time: 8AM - 9AM PST

We offer hands-on free learning events that include machine demonstrations or classroom-style lunch and learns to demonstrate our hardware and software capabilities. Check back often for upcoming dates and subscribe to our eNewsletter to be the first to know!

Mike Tartaglia


Mike Tartaglia has been in the construction industry since 1988. Mike has a great understanding of the construction process from bidding to layout. Mike belongs to Trimble Business Center power user group, is a Beta Tester for Trimble Business Center and is a trainer for Trimble Business Center and UAS Master.

Mike has performed many duties which includes Project Manager, Lead Civil Estimator and Senior Construction Surveyor. Mike has also worked on the design and building of heavy highways, water parks, landfills, hazardous waste site clean ups, subdivisions, and commercial sites. Mike has a vast knowledge of: Civil Site Takeoffs, Building of 3D Machine Control Models, Construction surveying and Layout, Construction Estimating and Cost Coding, Project Management and Drone utilization for Site Contractors.

Mike Presented 2 sessions at Trimble Dimensions 2018 for Civil Takeoffs- from dirt to dollars and Tips and Tricks of 3D modeling.

Michael R Maier


Michael Maier is a Trimble Certified Instructor & Engineer for SITECH Southwest and is a consultant and partner for all our technology company partners. He has had over 25 years of engineering, consulting, marketing, & sales in survey, GIS and machine control. Currently developing Unmanned Aerial Systems into working products for engineering, survey for mining. In his many years of engineering experience Michael has worked in local, state & federal government, mining & military among other industries. Working with software developers and engineers he has developed working systems for many GIS applications. Michael has succeeded in large project implementation all over the world in often remote and challenging places. He is a frequent author speaker and guest lecture on geospatial technology.

Ken Watterson


Ken is a certified Trimble Trainer with over 28 years’ experience working with GNSS in both the construction and mining environments. During these years he has worked with construction, geospatial and machine control segments. With 10 years working at Trimble as a Regional Sales Engineer and Applications Engineer. He resides in Tucson, AZ where he enjoys motorcycle riding and outdoor cooking.

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