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Wingtra is a globally recognized drone manufacturer that develops and produces high-precision vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones for various industries. SITECH Southwest is a proud Wingtra dealer, offering the manufacturer's full lineup of innovative and high-quality products so you can find the best solution for your aerial mapping needs.


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SITECH Southwest’s Selection of Wingtra Products

SITECH Southwest offers a comprehensive selection of Wingtra equipment to help you find the right aerial mapping drones and tools for your application.

WingtraOne GEN II

The WingtraOne GEN II is a mapping drone that delivers fast and accurate surveying data. Its fixed-wing design allows it to fly at 36 miles per hour for up to 59 minutes per flight, while its multirotor capabilities help you land it safely and accurately, even on rough terrain or in tight spaces. The WingtraOne GEN II can fly higher than other drones, capturing more ground and detail.

WingtraOne GEN II comes with a tablet featuring a built-in app called WingtraPilot. WingtraPilot offers intuitive controls to help you prepare flight plans, monitor missions, manage data acquisition and complete other mission-essential tasks.


Wingtra develops cameras for every every application, assisting with 3D models, orthomosaics, point clouds, index maps, digital surface models and more. WingtraOne GEN II possesses a heavy payload capacity, enabling you to use the highest-quality cameras available on the market.

Wingtra camera options include:

  • RGB cameras: Cameras capture sharp, detailed images.
  • Oblique cameras: Map vertical structures so you can accurately generate high-resolution 3D meshes.
  • Multispectral cameras: Gain optimal spectral and spatial resolution for your aerial mapping application.

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Wingtra Drone and Camera Applications

Wingtra's camera options can assist with mapping applications across industries, such as:

  • Surveying: Wingtra products enable surveyors and GIS professionals to survey difficult-to-reach areas and obtain high-resolution aerial maps safely, cost-effectively and quickly.
  • Mining: Streamline management and maintain operations on large mining sites and quarries with Wingtra products that provide complete, accurate data safely and at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying methods.
  • Agriculture: Gain valuable insights into plant health, assess damage after significant weather events and optimize your yield productivity with Wingtra products.
  • Construction: Wingtra equipment can help you stay on project schedule and within budget while allowing you to map large or unreachable areas.
  • Environmental monitoring: Wingtra offers a high-quality, affordable aerial mapping solution to help conservationists and researchers monitor and track wildlife and land changes.

Key Features of Wingtra Products

Wingtra offers several advantageous features to streamline your aerial mapping application. A few key features include:

  • WingtraPilot: WingtraPilot offers many convenient, safety-promoting features, including a comprehensive preflight checklist and real-time monitoring. You can choose a fully automated launch and landing or switch to manual controls at any time.
  • Swappable cameras: Wingtra enables you to conduct all of your mapping missions with a single drone thanks to its high payload capacity and ability to accommodate different cameras. Easily and quickly swap out cameras while in the field to expand your data collection capabilities.
  • Predictive self-diagnosis: Wingtra uses advanced machine learning algorithms based on data from thousands of flights to self-diagnosis malfunctions throughout the drone. WingtraPilot can notify you of potential malfunctions before they occur, saving you time and expenses while ensuring your equipment is safe to fly.


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How to Purchase Wingtra Products

If Wingtra products sound like the right fit for your company or your application, you can purchase them through SITECH Southwest. As an authorized dealer, we carry a full lineup of Wingtra products. You can connect with our team to buy your preferred equipment.

After you've purchased your Wingtra drones and equipment, you can rely on SITECH Southwest to assist with all your drone needs, including familiarizing yourself with the technology and overseeing upkeep. We have several experienced unmanned aircraft system (UAS) pilots who can provide training to suit your requirements. We staff our fully equipped service center with experienced and factory-trained technicians who can help with a range of technical services, including:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades

Wingtra offers a one-year warranty to protect your drone, spare parts and add-ons against manufacturing defects or technical failure. You can extend this warranty to cover a second year and opt for accidental damage protection to cover damage due to improper use, mishandling, poor flight planning or changing environmental conditions.

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Find Wingtra Products at SITECH Southwest

Learn more about Wingtra products offered by SITECH Southwest when you contact us today. Our experienced team is available to assist with your inquiries and provide support related to Wingtra products.

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