Grade Control for Compact Machines

SITECH Southwest provides technology solutions to enhance your work. Part of our offering includes Trimble control systems for compact equipment. These systems work on small equipment like skid steers and other compact equipment and attachments. They use positioning technology and displays that allow you to perform grade control work with this equipment.

You might choose equipment control solutions for various applications, including preparing earthworks, parking lots, sporting fields, footpaths and foundations. They suit everything from bulk earthworks to finished grading. SITECH Southwest has technology to enhance your work on the job site.


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Overview of Grade Control for Compact Machines

Grade control solutions for compact equipment allow your small tools to do big jobs. These systems boost every aspect of your work by offering:

  • Speed: With equipment control, you can finish the job in one pass, reducing rework and the added labor that comes with it.
  • Control: Our grade control systems allow you to move your attachments within millimeters and shift into position more effectively.
  • Versatility: One piece of equipment can do many jobs with grade control. Your compact equipment will have the power to do grading, freeing up other assets for different tasks.

Overall, machine control contributes to increased productivity for your operation. Do the job right the first time and move on to the next one, growing your business's profitability.

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Key Features of Our Grade Control Systems

SITECH Southwest offers three control systems that work for compact equipment. These are Trimble Earthworks, Trimble Siteworks and Trimble Earthworks GO! 2.0. Each has unique features that make them ideal for particular applications.

Trimble Earthworks for Compact Machines

This tailored solution makes working with your compact equipment easier. It has a touchscreen display with custom interface elements for small equipment. Each owner can customize the interface perspective to fit their workflows for better productivity.

The display includes colorful graphics to enhance the operator experience. Intuitive controls make the solution simple to integrate with no learning curve so you can get jobs done in one pass. The system allows automatic file transfer through WorksManager to bring models to your equipment.

Configure this solution to suit your operation in four ways:

  • Blade-mounted dual/single GPS system
  • Dual/single laser system
  • Universal total station system
  • Dual/single sonic system

All configurations use a display, sensor and electronic control, but you can switch out other components like laser receivers, sonic tracers, smart antennas or machine targets.

Trimble Siteworks

Trimble Siteworks gives you a modern construction surveying system that works for your compact machinery. The system allows you to work with complex data and 3D files to create in-depth views of your job site. The software offers a modern interface with colorful graphics and natural gestures, making it convenient for many applications, including creating models you can use for guiding compact machinery for grading tasks.

Earthworks GO! 2.0

Another option for grade control for compact equipment is Earthworks GO! 2.0. This system is made for compact machine attachments and is simple to install with control and sensor boxes that mount to your equipment using magnets. This system minimizes your capital expense while offering expandability and upgrades to keep your investment valuable. It is an excellent choice for small contractors and owner-operators.

Trimble Earthworks GO! 2.0 is highly portable, allowing you to use it with multiple attachments. Save several equipment profiles, so you only have to set it up once. The control system runs on iOS and Android, so you can use it with your existing mobile device. The interface is designed for use in bright daylight and includes setup tutorials to get you running faster.

The system includes three supported configurations depending on the requirements of your operation. These are:

  • Dual laser system
  • Single laser system
  • Cross slope only

Each configuration only has minor differences, allowing you to switch between them or add features as necessary to suit your work.

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