Compaction Control for Soil Compactors

Reach target passes and reduce inaccurate compaction with superior control for soil compactors. SITECH Southwest is a leading Trimble Earthworks compaction control provider. We optimize your workflow and minimize downtime. Accurate compaction control limits costly fuel consumption by preventing repeated compaction and grading. Ensure proper earth density and evaluate your progress in real-time with Trimble's compaction control solutions.

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Compaction Control Solutions for Soil Compactors at SITECH Southwest

SITECH Southwest offers superior compaction control for your soil compaction projects. We deliver the highest quality soil compactor technology to help you integrate your field work with office planning. You have a clear view of ground density as you work, with in-cab tools connected to software for supervisors on-site or in the office. Remove air pockets and foreign materials before more costly construction begins. As an authorized Trimble Earthworks distributor, we bring you innovative compaction control systems that can increase productivity on your job site.

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Compaction Control Features and Advantages

Our compaction control system is a software solution to help you navigate and manage compaction control seamlessly. You get continuous management and accurate compaction measurements on easy-to-read displays. Get real-time results and in-cab documentation of compaction progress for later evaluation.

Four Drum Landfill Compactor Support

With the Landfill Compaction Algorithm (LCA), our control solutions support four-drum landfill compactors. This technology works intuitively to sense the level of waste compaction through elevation changes based on the landfill compactor's size.

Actionable Data

You stay ahead in your projects by monitoring Compaction Measurement Values (CMV) and pass counts as they happen. Eliminate the need to repeat compaction and avoid missing critical incomplete spots by getting real-time statistics to streamline your soil compaction projects. Receive actionable data you can use and print in the office for analysis and to reach project goals.

Horizontal Steering

Create a smart construction site with automatic horizontal steering so you can focus on grade, safety and consistent lines. Horizontal steering gives your business a competitive advantage by allowing you to work faster with better precision. With intelligent global positioning system (GPS) alignment, drivers of any skill can follow the 3D model. Operators can deliver efficient patterns that reach target passes and density levels faster. Save time and fuel by reducing overlaps and repeated passes.

Full-Color Displays

We make compaction control effortless with our in-cab full-color graphic displays. Monitor pass counts and compaction progress for efficiency and better time management. You also have the option to view the soil stiffness as you work for comprehensive ground analysis. SITECH Southwest's displays are easy to use and ergonomic, so operators can concentrate on accurate spreading and compacting.

Intuitive Compaction

Prepare effectively and compact the ground for optimal load-bearing capacity. With superior compaction control, you get stability and durability the first time around. Achieve optimal ground stiffness with intuitive compaction technology that allows you to evaluate the ground as you work.

Trimble Earthworks: Grade Control for Soil Compactors

Control the compaction process with the easy-to-use, configurable, intuitive grade control system for soil compactors. This single global navigation satellite system (single GNSS) helps you roll even surfaces with the help of an interface.

Compact Efficiently

You can reduce fuel consumption by avoiding repeated pass counts and maximizing surfaces for soil stiffness. Map your pass counts to know where you've worked and avoid under-compaction. Reduce rework by achieving your targets faster with efficient compacting.

Interactive Construction

With SITECH Southwest compaction solutions, your job site becomes a streamlined construction network. Supervisors can monitor live compaction, and operators can identify under-compacted areas using Trimble WorksOS and Trimble Earthworks. You can collect and document data for further analysis in the office to evaluate project goals and identify inaccuracies pre-emptively.

Reactive, Intuitive Software

The interactive display of Trimble Earthworks' compaction control is intuitive and easy to learn. Simplify your workflow for maximum productivity by capitalizing on colorful graphics and natural gestures and interactions. Personalize the interface specific to your workflow and configure views for a clear perspective on project progress.

CCS900: Advanced Compaction Control Systems

The CCS900 compaction control system offers you control of the entire compaction process as it happens. You save time and money by working efficiently, freeing up resources by reducing repetitive passes and increasing valuable ground analysis.

Efficient Construction Site

Get more work done and save on fuel costs with wireless data. Each compactor knows the work done by other compactors to reduce repeats. Operators and quality managers can transfer compaction data for in-office analysis.

Several Configurations

All our CCS900 configurations come with an in-cab display and an optional printing function to capture documents on-site. The CCS900 is available in Single GNSS, Dual GNSS and Total station-based to accommodate your budget and site needs.

Quality Monitoring

Stay ahead in your compaction project with on-site quality control. Managers and supervisors can view reports with web-based software or an optional in-cab printer. Ensure a high standard of work in real-time.

grade control system on dozer

Partner With SITECH Southwest for Compaction Control

Compaction control allows you to oversee your compaction projects more effectively. You can reduce repeats and address under-compaction as they happen. Your business gains a competitive edge with horizontal steering and actionable data. SITECH Southwest is proud to be one of the leading distributors of Trimble Earthworks for your soil compaction projects.

Experience the efficiency of the CCS900 Compaction Control System. Choose between several configurations or let us help you with training and support to get a control system that suits your needs. Contact us online or give us a call at 602-600-0214 today.

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