Trimble Earthwork Grade Control for Motor Graders

A grade control system installed on your motor grader will allow you to accurately control the elevation and cross slope of your grader to achieve the desired grade faster and with fewer passes. Obtain the speed and precision that your job needs with industry-leading grade control technology and software from Trimble.

Grade control technology raises the efficiency of motor graders used in building or maintaining roads and highways, creating infrastructure foundations, airport runway construction, spreading material or cutting ditches and banks. SITECH Southwest will help you integrate Trimble Earthworks for Motor graders into your fleet, so you can reach a finished grade faster, lower your operating costs and grow your business.

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3D Grade Control for Motor Graders

3D grade control is a robust and versatile system for motor graders that puts advanced controls, positioning data and design plans inside the operating cab. Trimble grade control for motor graders integrates with TD520 touchscreen displays or other Android-compatible tablets. It can also transfer easily between multiple construction vehicles in your fleet, helping you stay productive regardless of the equipment you have on-site.

Available configurations for 3D motor grader grade control include:

  • Single GNSS antenna. A single GNSS receiver monitors the blade's position and angle and compares these values to design data, making fine grading projects more efficient.
  • Dual GNSS. Two GNSS antennas can measure the pinpoint location, cross slope and heading of the motor grader blade for fine grading applications, especially on steeper slopes.
  • Universal total station (UTS). When configured with a UTS, 3D motor grader grade control delivers the highest accuracy for lift and layer control. It operates in situations that GNSS is not ideal for because of obstructions overhead.


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2D Grade Control for Motor Graders

2D grade control is suitable for site prep and smaller projects. Like 3D grade control, 2D technology uses a variety of portable components that can move from machine to machine, increasing the capabilities of another motor grader in your fleet.

Available configurations for 2D motor grader technology include:

  • Cross slope only. In its most basic form, this configuration uses the TD520 display along with a pair of angle sensors to gauge the blade's tilt cross slope and is best used cutting sub grade on roads and highways and placing base material accurately at the proper slope.
  • Single elevation sonic plus cross slope.  A sonic tracer device is best used for referencing from a curb, string, or wire line or a previous graded pass. Once locked on to the reference the system will maintain this elevation on one side and carry the desired cross slope to the other side of the blade.
  • Single elevation laser plus cross slope.  This application requires a laser transmitter mounted on a tall tripod as its primary elevation device. A mast with a laser receiver is mounted on one side of the blade with the rotation and slope sensors utilized for the cross-slope side of the blade. Best suited for building pads, airport runways and straight-line roadways.
  • Dual elevation. Similar to single elevation laser, this application requires a laser transmitter mounted on a tall tripod as its primary elevation device. A mast with a laser receiver is mounted on both sides of the blade with the cross-slope sensors not used for blade correction.  Best suited for building pads, airport runways and straight-line roadways.

2D motor grader grade control is an ideal starting investment for construction companies because you can easily upgrade to 3D later as your business and projects grow.

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