Paving Control for Asphalt Pavers

SITECH Southwest offers many Trimble technology solutions to enhance your work. Among our offerings, we provide paving control for asphalt pavers with Trimble Roadworks. This system allows you to complete road work more quickly and accurately while reducing your material and labor costs.

This paving control solution is ideal for creating roads, parking lots and walkways, especially in scenarios where it is essential to meet thickness or elevation specifications. Come to SITECH Southwest for Trimble Roadworks paving control solutions. We have 2D and 3D options, depending on the level of control you need for a particular job.

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About Our Paving Control System

The Trimble paving control system we provide allows you to adjust the thickness and density of asphalt. The solution includes sensors, controllers and software that work together for precise movement of your asphalt paver, allowing you to place materials exactly where they are needed to provide a smooth finish. The system provides grade and slope control, material flow management and screed control.

With Trimble paving control, you can guide your pavers using 2D or 3D design models that allow you to spend less on materials and finish projects faster. Here are a few specific benefits this system provides:

  • Quality: With machine control, you can create a smoother surface without waves or the need for leveling.
  • Savings: Spend less on materials by taking out high and low areas early with the less expensive first layer.
  • Accuracy: The system allows you to distribute layers of asphalt within 0.01 feet of the desired thickness.
  • Efficiency: Accomplish jobs using less fuel and with less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • Complexity: Paving control takes your projects to the next level, allowing for complex transitions, elevated curves and changing cross slopes.
  • Durability: All components are built to withstand rugged construction environments for long-lasting protection against dust and moisture.

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Key Features and Specifications

Trimble Roadworks provides a next-generation solution that enhances your road construction tasks. The system runs on an Android operating system that’s easy to master for operators of all skill levels. Beyond offering quality, intuitive software, Trimble systems provide excellent hardware, creating an integrated system that allows you to work smarter. This hardware includes colorful displays with an intuitive interface for simpler learning processes.

This machine control solution provides automatic horizontal steering control, which moves your asphalt paver according to a set path. It also includes screed width controls for accurate horizontal and vertical placement without the need for operator involvement. You’ll get faster and more accurate paving with less strain for your operators.

We offer Trimble Roadworks’ 3D and 2D systems, depending on the level of control you need. Both options have electronic controllers and alarms. Other components are unique to each configuration.

3D System

This system runs on a display with a configurable layout you can adapt to see different perspectives. The system operates off of a 3D design providing variable depth and slope, allowing you to pave complex designs. Components unique to the 3D system include:

  • Single/dual machine target with mast
  • On-machine radio
  • Slope sensor
  • Optional connected site gateway

These components allow you to reduce complications involving stringlines, including human error and costly setup.

2D System

This paving control platform uses 2D references to pave with fixed thicknesses. It's a lower-cost option ideal for roads where you have used 3D milling or grading systems prior to paving. The system uses a 7-inch display with tactile keypads, providing straightforward control. Other unique components of the 2D system include:

  • Valve module
  • Switch
  • Sonic tracer
  • Angle sensor

The model can reference off a surface, cross-slope or stringline, depending on the requirements of your project.

Request a Paving Control Demo

See Trimble Roadworks paving control systems in action before you buy with a demo from SITECH Southwest. We offer demos across our service area in Arizona, Nevada and parts of Eastern and Southeastern California. Reach out online to schedule a demo so you can decide on the best control system for your asphalt paver.

The Value of SITECH Southwest

Beyond offering a range of technology solutions for your operation as an authorized Trimble dealer, SITECH Southwest provides services and support to keep these systems running at their best. Get a paving control system from our reliable and expert team and prepare to overcome job site challenges.

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