Grade Control for Scrapers

A scraper can be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on any job site. Scrapers are versatile, enabling you to efficiently scrape, level, grade and haul earth and other materials. With the right grade control system, you can maximize your scraper's productivity while ensuring consistent quality and safety.

SITECH Southwest partners with leading manufacturers such as Trimble to deliver high-quality earthworks solutions. We carry the advanced grade control systems you need to enhance your scraper's performance for greater profitability.


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The Advantages of Grade Control for Scrapers

Grade control systems from Trimble offer automated processes and access to real-time data to help you manage your equipment more efficiently and productively. With an advanced grade control system, you can increase your scraper's control, speed and versatility to improve productivity.

Experience grade control benefits such as:

  • Enhanced accuracy: Grade control systems boost your scraper's accuracy, resulting in fewer passes, reduced over- and undercutting and streamlined project progress.
  • Improved safety: With an easy-to-use grade control system that allows for greater accuracy and monitoring capabilities, you can prevent mistakes before they occur to promote job site safety.
  • Maximized resources: Automation can help you reduce operational costs while increasing uptime for more effective resource allocation and utilization.
  • Improved performance: Grade control systems can make your equipment more versatile and effective so you can save more time while maintaining consistent quality.

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How Does the Trimble Grade Control System for Scrapers Work?

Trimble grade control products offer unique innovations to help you track, manage and report job site progress. The intuitive and adjustable controls, automated features and smart design displays work together to empower your teams to grade faster.

When integrated with your scraper, a Trimble grade control system can:

  • Display information in the cab: From design information to live cut and fill indications, essential job site data is immediately available within the cab. Accessible information enables your teams to excavate in a safer environment.
  • Collect, monitor and synchronize real-time data: You can watch avoidance zones and collect as-built data in real time. Trimble grade control systems also allow you to wirelessly synchronize data with your office, reducing physical visits and streamlining operations.
  • Manage material placement: Grade control systems provide precise insights into how dirt moves around your site. You can measure productivity and monitor material placement in real time.
  • Enable remote connections: Trimble grade control systems make connecting to your equipment remotely from any location easy. Whether you are training or need to support and monitor your equipment, you can do so easily with a grade control system.

Configuration options for scrapers include:

  • Single GNSS: With this configuration, you can compare bowl measurements to design data. This information can help you complete rough grading and mass excavation, especially when you have projects with complex design surfaces.
  • Dual GNSS: This configuration takes precise bowl measurements. If you are performing rough grading or mass excavation on complex design surfaces or steep slopes, these measurements will be helpful.
  • Single laser: The single laser configuration is best for towed scrapers. You can run a single laser to provide guidance and control of the bowl for projects with flat or sloped work.

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When you want to enhance job site efficiency and productivity, you can trust SITECH Southwest to have the construction and earthworks solutions you require. As an authorized Trimble dealer, we have the experience and expertise to help you grow and sustain your business with innovative and reliable construction technology. Request a demo today to gain a more hands-on understanding of how a Trimble grade control system can benefit your job site.

Boost Productivity With Innovative Technology Solutions From SITECH Southwest

SITECH Southwest offers the knowledgeable services and advanced products you need to increase productivity and profitability on your job site. Our grade control systems for scrapers can significantly enhance your equipment’s efficiency, enabling you to maximize your resources while cutting costs. Whether your business launches a land reclamation project or begins dam and reservoir construction, you can experience faster, safer and more accurate performance from your scraper with our solutions.

Choose SITECH Southwest when you need industry-leading grade control systems that offer exceptional speed, precision and efficiency at your job site.

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