Paving Control for Milling Machines

As an authorized Trimble dealer, SITECH Southwest carries the innovative and reliable paving control systems you need to enhance productivity and efficiency on your job site. Our paving control solutions for milling machines enable you to mill to an exact profile and remove asphalt while benefitting from increased performance and reduced operational costs.


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The Benefits of Paving Control for Milling Machines

Paving control technology can enhance a milling machine’s efficiency and performance. It gives you total control of the mill, the road and your bottom line.

By using paving control technology within your milling machines, you can experience advantages such as:

  • Streamlined paving production: Equipment can move faster and more efficiently around a stringless and stakeless job site, helping increase production and performance. A paving control system enables you to mill at fixed or variable depths depending on your project’s requirements. You can also adjust milling depth and slope easily and precisely to reduce over-cutting and create smooth surfaces.
  • Extended equipment life span: Milling right to the required depth minimizes equipment wear and tear. You can save time and money with fewer maintenance and repair needs.
  • Reduced expenses: With precision paving control, your milling machine will burn less fuel, use fewer materials and finish work faster, resulting in lower overall costs. As you remove only what is required, you can also minimize how much material you must haul away and associated costs.
  • Improved quality: Paving control systems enable you to mill faster while still producing consistent, high-quality surfaces that meet strict project requirements. As you mill out waves according to 3D designs, you can trust the precision and accuracy of your results.

Key Features of the Trimble Paving Control System for Milling Machines

Trimble paving control systems use a 3D design model to determine and display ideal cutting depths. Equipment operators can compare the drum's position and slope with the digital design to see if milling work is above, below or on the right grade. The paving control system will automatically guide the milling drum to the correct position, all without manual adjustments or string lines.

These paving control systems also use machine sensors and connect with the Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station to mill at a fixed or variable depth. With high accuracy levels, paving control technology enables you to meet specific job requirements project by project without the need for string line. When used in conjunction with a paver also equipped with Trimble paving control, your milling machine can help produce a consistent, smooth road surface with fewer materials in less time.

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