Paving Control for Asphalt Compactors

Increase compaction efficiency with Trimble's innovative paving control system designed for asphalt compactors. Paving control technology enables you to improve asphalt compaction operations while minimizing expenses. As you implement paving control solutions on your job site, you can roll surfaces with greater accuracy and higher quality.

SITECH Southwest is an authorized Trimble dealer and leading construction technology provider through Arizona, Nevada and Southeastern California. We have the advanced paving control systems you need to maximize efficiency and performance on your next project. Our technology experts are here to help you explore and implement paving control for your asphalt compactors.


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Advantages of Paving Control for Asphalt Compactors

Paving control technology keeps your job site on track to meet deadlines and satisfy project specifications. It is designed to increase your equipment’s productivity and efficiency while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Using paving control technology to enhance your asphalt compactors enables you to experience advantages such as:

  • Improved performance: Paving control boosts production by helping your compactors work faster with fewer delays and less downtime. Operators can compact surface materials to the target compaction stiffness and monitor site volumes simultaneously in real time.
  • Minimized costs: As you compact asphalt with greater precision and accuracy, you can optimize equipment use and reduce over-compaction to lower fuel and maintenance costs. Paving control also helps you minimize material waste, leading to greater cost savings in the long run.
  • Enhanced quality: Paving control technology gives you greater control over the quality of your compaction work. As you accomplish durability, stability and load-bearing capacity requirements, you minimize the risk of rework and ensure your results meet high standards.
  • Increased efficiency: You can eliminate guesswork and roll a more efficient, uniform surface. With pass count mapping and temperature map monitoring, your operators can monitor passes, achieve target pass count, avoid over or under-compaction, meet the target temperature range and ensure complete coverage over the job site.

Key Features of Trimble Paving Control Systems for Asphalt Compactors

Trimble's paving control technology is designed to support various job site needs and project specifications. Available in single GNSS, dual GNSS and total station-based configurations, paving control systems for asphalt compactors can suit your requirements and integrate seamlessly into your workflow. This 3D paving control system empowers operators of all skill levels to increase the speed and accuracy of asphalt compaction.

Trimble's paving control system for asphalt compactors offers:

  • Rugged hardware: Powerful, sturdy and durable touch-screen displays are designed to handle tough field work. The full-color graphical display shows real-time information such as pass counts, mat temperature and compaction progress.
  • Intuitive software: Trimble's paving control technology uses Android-based software with familiar user interfaces. It is easy to learn and configurable for various workflow views, making it adaptable to your needs.
  • Streamlined connectivity: Compactors can wirelessly share real-time map data with each other to save time, reduce fuel consumption and achieve better surface quality. Efficient and timely communication and data transfer helps maximize compactor efficiency to reduce waste and overruns.
  • Simplified analysis: You can wirelessly transfer compaction data from the field to the office for easy monitoring and analysis. Data collected from compactors can automatically sync back to the office for real-time views into productivity and efficiency.

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