GNSS Radios for Construction

Invest in our GNSS radios to determine the exact location with high accuracy and efficiency. At SITECH Southwest, we carry Trimble radio solutions designed for various construction tasks like equipment control, site preparation, grading, surveying and layout planning. Enhance precision and improve productivity with GNSS radios that offer faster, more accurate positioning in construction projects.

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GNSS Radios

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The Importance and Applications of GNSS Radios in Construction Sites

Trimble radios transmit precision positioning and reliable communications on construction sites. With Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology and radio communication capabilities, these advanced tools support operational efficiency, safety and coordination.

Features and Benefits of Our GNSS Radios

Our GNSS radios are indispensable equipment when using site positioning systems. Discover how this cutting-edge equipment facilitates faster and more accurate field operations with the following unique capabilities:

  • Flexible configuration: Each model is highly adaptable to various construction setups. It carries different operation modes and configurations to accommodate simple and complex tasks.
  • Full-function user interface: The advanced user interface allows smooth connectivity and seamless data exchange. It also optimizes field configuration and offers access to field diagnostics.
  • Rugged design: The high-quality design withstands challenging conditions on-site. These fully-sealed GNSS radios endure dust, splash and rain to reduce downtime and additional operating costs.

In-Depth Look at Our GNSS Radio Models

Review the Trimble radios we carry to find the best model for your projects.

TDL450B Radio

Count on the Trimble TDL450B Radio for upgraded features that offer maximum productivity. This advanced equipment easily broadcasts real-time RTK correction data, repeating and receiving communication between GNSS receivers. Its flexible configurations support a wide range of Trimble models and other third-party base stations, along with support rover, base and repeater models.

Key features of the radio include:

  • High-speed equipment in a rugged IP67 design
  • Wireless UHF data radio with varying user-defined power levels, from 1 W to 35 W
  • Broadcast GNSS corrections on a 403-473 MHz licensed frequency.
  • Supplement fan for improved performance during hot temperature
  • Seamless Bluetooth connection

TDL510 Radio

Choose the Trimble TDL510 Radio for cost-efficient equipment with straightforward application. The external radio enables the exchange of correctional data from the Trimble receiver to third-party base stations.

This GNSS radio model covers core specifications, including:

  • Adaptable application depending on site needs, either as a repeater or as an external radio
  • Flexible communication across all sites with the 450 and 900 MHZ frequencies from the external radio
  • Extended surveying coverage to reach obstructed areas and inaccessible locations
  • Real-time, accurate data communications, even over large distances

Applications and Use Cases of Our GNSS Radios

Our inventory of Trimble GNSS radios delivers superior positioning precision and signal availability for different applications on-site, such as:

  • Streamlining field configuration: Our modern equipment selection easily leverages satellite signals for accurate location information, optimizing overall field configuration and setup process.
  • Ensuring smooth exchange of real-time correctional data: The innovative features allow easy broadcasting, repeating and receiving of high-accuracy location data between GNSS receivers.
  • Facilitating seamless troubleshooting: Our Trimble GNSS radios generate real-time feedback on quality and strength signals to enable quick troubleshooting and resolution of issues.
  • Offering flexibility in various site conditions: The flexible configuration of this equipment offers remarkable adaptability across construction sites regardless of surface obstructions or terrain. These models work in diverse setups, open fields, urban environments and forests.

Why Choose Our GNSS Radio Solutions?

SITECH Southwest is your trusted construction technology provider of Trimble radios and other modern solutions. With our extensive expertise and track record, our team can help you decide on the best GNSS radio to fit your project. We also have our technology experts provide hands-on training for your team and ensure our 24/7 technical support specialists are ready to assist you any time of the day.

Partner with the SITECH team and let us leverage our GNSS radios to resolve accuracy and efficiency challenges in the construction industry. All Trimble GNSS radio solutions are designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Increase project efficiency: We carry the highest-quality GNSS radio solutions designed for faster project completion, even in varied site conditions and terrains.
  • Reduce rework: By providing precise positioning data for construction tasks, you improve overall process accuracy, resulting in less rework.
  • Minimize additional costs: Getting accurate positioning data from our GNSS radios also results in cost savings and unnecessary inventory.
  • Simplify process at work: The key features of the equipment ensure ease and comfort during operations for maximum productivity.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements: Our Trimble products adhere to national regulations and international standards for safe and optimal performance.

Our area of expertise spans beyond GNSS radios and site positioning systems. We also offer equipment for grade control, equipment monitoring, construction software and paving control. No matter your industry, our inventory provides you with technology solutions tailored to your needs.

Invest in High-Quality GNSS Radios From the Experts

Our GNNS radios revolutionize fieldwork through their flexible configuration, full-function interface, rugged design and upgraded features. Trimble GNSS radio solutions have become pivotal in most construction sites across Arizona, Nevada and Southeastern California. These site positioning systems are your trusted equipment in achieving accuracy for reference points and critical measurements for various construction tasks.

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