Paving Control for Slipform Pavers

Trimble paving control systems maximize energy efficiency, ensure accuracy and promote quality in the paving industry. When you need a reliable, innovative system for your slipform paver, you can trust SITECH Southwest to have exactly what you need.


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How Paving Control Can Enhance Job Site Performance

Paving control enables seamless operations, helping your teams get to work faster and more efficiently. Haul trucks can pull up to dump, and equipment can operate easily without the hassle of navigating around string. Easily manage site logistics, reduce material costs and streamline workflows with the control and accuracy a paving control system offers.

A paving control system can enhance the benefits you receive from a slipform paver, maximizing its productivity and efficiency. Paving control helps slipform pavers create consistent, smooth riding surfaces that meet and exceed project specifications. These systems can bring greater accuracy and speed to your project, helping you finish projects faster while maintaining quality.

Key Features of Trimble Paving Control Systems for Slipform Pavers

Trimble paving control systems for slipform pavers come with several innovative features to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy. These systems work alongside 2D or 3D reference models to enhance precision, control and quality for designs and requirements ranging in complexity and scope. They can be used on new and used slipform pavers from various manufacturers to suit your existing equipment.

These paving control systems offer:

  • Greater control: A dual GNSS-based paving control solution can significantly improve control over material placement, leading to better productivity, reduced material waste and lower labor costs.
  • Increased precision: Through automatic steering and six-way control of the pan, you can keep your paver on target alignments, designs and slopes for a more consistent concrete surface.
  • Smoother workflows: Trimble paving control systems are compatible with various sensors and reference types to accommodate various budgets and work sites.

Advantages of Paving Control

Precision paving control refines your skills on the job site and makes you more productive, helping to improve profits over time. With a Trimble paving control system, your slipform paver can offer advantages such as:

  • Enhanced quality: Innovative paving technology allows for greater precision and control, leading to better quality and less rework. Create smooth, consistent and long-lasting paved surfaces while saving time and costs.
  • Improved performance: Paving control systems help keep your job site on track throughout the project lifecycle by minimizing downtime and making the most out of your uptime. They can also improve site logistics, enhance safety and speed up operations, enabling your teams to get to work sooner and finish projects faster.
  • Reduced costs: Paving control from Trimble is designed to lower expenses in several ways, from optimizing site movement for better fuel efficiency to minimizing equipment wear for lower maintenance costs. These systems enable you to reduce operational spending while increasing performance, accuracy and efficiency.

Why Choose SITECH Southwest?

As a leading construction technology solution provider in Arizona, Nevada and Southeast California, SITECH Southwest has the experience and expertise to support your efforts to maximize your earthmoving technology investments. We will work with your organization to help you understand and implement the latest paving control technology so you can gain a competitive edge and generate more revenue.

Our goal as your dedicated partner is to create a positive relationship that meets your needs and encourages your success. We benefit your organization through:

  • Hands-on training: Our technology experts provide professional hands-on training to help your teams learn new functions and operations associated with your technology investment.
  • An extensive parts selection: We carry a large inventory of repair parts to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Innovative solutions: As an authorized Trimble dealer, we offer only the best hardware and software in the industry so you can handle the complex challenges you face on the job site.

Learn More About Our Paving Control Technology Solutions

SITECH Southwest is here to offer the expert services and support you need to effectively implement new technology into your workflow. You can trust our local experts to provide personalized solutions that will help you get the most out of your Trimble paving control system. Contact us today to speak with a certified technician about our paving control options.

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