Troubleshooting for SPS Bluetooth

How to connect Bluetooth receivers is one of the most frequent support calls SITECH Southwest receives. The Bluetooth functionality in both Siteworks and SCS900 is managed by the Windows 10 operating system.

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Corridor Staking with SPS

With the variables and nuances of constructing a corridor, collecting data in the most proficient and comprehensive way is crucial. In this article we go over components and stake features that are both required when using an SPS controller and helpful in executing your data.

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Drones (UAV) for Commercial Use

Have you become dependent on your UAV?

Flying drones for survey and mapping is becoming standard practice for engineers. What happens when your organization is suddenly dependent on the data your drone generates?

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Coordinate Systems 101

The basics of dealing with coordinate systems.

I conduct a lot of survey training for construction and mining clients. In every class I usually start off with a “Coordinate Systems 101” lesson. This is something most clients struggle with.  I find that there are a lot of people running GPS survey and machine control systems that may not have a basic understanding for how the coordinate systems relate to their jobsites. There are also experienced surveyors that tend to make these topics overly complex for most people trying to understand the basics. Here are some basic coordinate system rules for clarity.

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What Is a Pipe Laser?

What is a pipe laser

The construction of underground pipes and tunnels requires careful planning and excavation. Pipes have to maintain a consistent grade along the length of the system. Crests and valleys in the pipe system can block or slow down the liquid flow inside, resulting in clogs that can be expensive to fix. To accurately set the grade of a pipe run, underground contractors use a piece of equipment called a pipe laser.

A pipe laser is a type of construction laser that is used to measure and determine the correct grade for pipes. Pipe lasers are used as a sort of electronic level. Essentially, this equipment shoots a high-powered beam of light at a predetermined angle to establish the appropriate grade of a construction project. In this guide, you can learn more about what a pipe laser is used for, how to use it and the types of pipe lasers available.
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