Trimble RTX: Overview of Applications & Benefits

What is Trimble RTX in GNSS?

Trimble’s Real Time eXtended (RTX) correction service is a global GNSS correction source used to attain precise GNSS positioning.  It operates the same as using a local base station, or Virtual Reference Station (VRS), to reduce the errors in GNSS positioning.  Without corrections, a GNSS rover is only accurate to about 16 feet +/-.  With corrections, GNSS rover positions are accurate to 0.02 to 0.06 feet.

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Corridor Staking with SPS

With the variables and nuances of constructing a corridor, collecting data in the most proficient and comprehensive way is crucial. In this article we go over components and stake features that are both required when using an SPS controller and helpful in executing your data.

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Coordinate Systems 101

The basics of dealing with coordinate systems.

I conduct a lot of survey training for construction and mining clients. In every class I usually start off with a “Coordinate Systems 101” lesson. This is something most clients struggle with.  I find that there are a lot of people running GPS survey and machine control systems that may not have a basic understanding for how the coordinate systems relate to their jobsites. There are also experienced surveyors that tend to make these topics overly complex for most people trying to understand the basics. Here are some basic coordinate system rules for clarity.

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Coordinate Systems and the Construction Site

With the growing popularity of GNSS systems for machine control and site positioning in construction, there is a need for a basic understanding of coordinates. During daily operation, operators and grade checkers will not need to work with coordinate systems. However, having someone on site that has a basic understanding of coordinate systems can eliminate downtime and site errors.


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