Drones (UAV) for Mining 101

Often the most misunderstood but probably the most powerful use for flying drones is survey and mapping. Additionally, if you were to pick the perfect place to use UAV technology it would be a mine as drones allow you to cover larger areas of earth that are constantly changing.

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A Guide to Machine Control

Machine control on compactor

As a contractor, you know the difficulty of relying on eyesight to level your earthmoving project. For you to build a solid foundation, the ground beneath it has to be adequately compacted and leveled. But from the seat of a dozer or motor grader, it’s not easy to tell if the site is at the proper grade.

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Coordinate Systems and the Construction Site

With the growing popularity of GNSS systems for machine control and site positioning in construction, there is a need for a basic understanding of coordinates. During daily operation, operators and grade checkers will not need to work with coordinate systems. However, having someone on site that has a basic understanding of coordinate systems can eliminate downtime and site errors.


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How to Grade With Bulldozers

How to grade with a dozer

Knowing how to spread material with a dozer effectively can cut down on the time needed to complete construction projects. Mistakes made during land grading can set back jobs, costing the contractor and everyone on the construction team money. By using these tips and the right tools, you can learn to grade land correctly and efficiently and save time on building projects that require grading or spreading material.

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High Accuracy Drone Mapping

I have been getting quite a few questions about what I call “Static” surveys since drone mapping has become a major part of many surveyor’s toolbox. I will start by describing the general concept of why you would want to use a Static base station. I will then describe how it works and finally get into some recommendations and specifics.


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DJI PPK with Trimble Stratus for Mining

Developing a Solution

There are few places better suited for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) than mining sites. In the United States, despite all the complex rules and regulations, it is the deliverables that are driving the use of UAS. Deliverables such as near real-time topography and imagery.

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