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Trimble Grade Control Systems

SITECH Southwest offers a wide selection of innovative and cost-effective agriculture water management solutions that improve water distribution efficiency while helping to keep overall water costs low. Solutions include automated Trimble grade control systems that can result in a significant improvement in grading accuracy. There’s a Trimble grade control system for any type of water application – and any budget.

Trimble AG GCS100


The AG GCS100 is a budget-friendly Trimble grade control system that is designed for vehicles pulling drainage machines or scrapers that require a PT valve connection. This system can be easily configured with the LR40 laser receiver and CB40 control box, and it operates using a single rigid mast. You get the benefit of a cost-effective grade control system that provides superior performance during those long-range applications in even the most challenging environmental and operating conditions.

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Trimble AG GCS200


The AG GCS200 represents the next level in Trimble grade control systems and is ideally suited for those mid-range grade control applications. This system offers the flexibility of operating with either a single electric or dual rigid mast, as well as the option to select control or survey modes. The AG GCS200 Configures with the LR410 laser receiver and CB60 control box and is specifically designed for PT valve-equipped vehicle. This Trimble grade control system is an excellent choice for farmers who need strong performance but don’t want to pay a premium price.

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Trimble AG GCS300/400

AG GCS300/400

This top-of-the-line, multifunctional Trimble grade control system delivers superior performance to farmers, growers and other water management professionals. This versatile system easily connects to virtually any type of machine and functions via survey configurations or single or dual electrical masts. You also have the option to select the SR300 or LR410 laser receiver to configure with the CB415 control box. The AG GCS300/400 is a technologically-advanced grade control system for the most challenging water management applications.

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SITECH Southwest: Your Trimble Grade Control System Provider

Trimble has been a leader in the development of innovative positioning products for nearly 35 years. Trimble products are now sold in more than 140 countries around the world. SITECH is proud to be an authorized Trimble dealer in Arizona, featuring convenient locations in the cities of Mesa and Yuma. We serve all of Arizona as well as parts of California and Mexico. Contact us to learn more about our selection of Trimble grade control systems and to receive a free price quote today!

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