Enterprise Drones versus Hobby: What does that mean?

Commercial UAV

As drone use has evolved, unmanned aircraft systems (or UAS) have become a sought-after tool for business and commercial applications.

The commercial, or enterprise level, is more robust and built as a commercial grade class or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Companies are becoming more dependent on the utility of drones, and as a result, enterprise UAVs are being developed to be more sophisticated and provide higher levels of data capture.

Enterprise vs. Consumer

When you buy an enterprise UAV you’re getting a more rugged adaptation of a consumer version. You will find that the enterprise versions have industrial operating systems, long-lasting batteries, high accuracy GPS, and things like speakers and spotlights. Enterprise UAV products are designed to be easier to operate with a shorter learning curve. There has a been an evolution from the initial drone models that were only found in hobby shops for personal use. We do not recommend buying a drone from a hobby shop to use for professional mapping or surveying, nor can we help you achieve the level of data capture you need from a hobby drone.

Functionality and Price Point

UAVs are designed according to use. This means that when you pick out a UAV it will be based on general use and requirements making it completely functional based on your needs. Typically, you will want to know the desired flying time, the acreage to cover and level of video processing you expect out of your UAV. Price points are minimal compared to the output and agility that you receive. For example, our bestselling survey drone is the DJI Phantom 4 RTK. We typically pair it up with Trimble Stratus for processing and the whole system is less than $10k. This system is capable of accurate and consistent results where we are typically chasing around a tenth foot for elevations between our flown survey and our surveyed in check shots.