Drones (UAV) for Commercial Use

Have you become dependent on your UAV?

Flying drones for survey and mapping is becoming standard practice for engineers. What happens when your organization is suddenly dependent on the data your drone generates?

This is a common scenario of new technology. At first the equipment is seen as a novelty then quickly moves into a stage where we can’t live without it. For UAVs, we are reaching the “can’t live without it” stage very quickly. By the nature of the beast, compared to traditional survey systems, flying can be inherently problematic. Challenges can arise when you’re on deadline and the weather is not permitting, or when the terrain is extremely challenging. Here’s where you may need to take some chances. Let us look at how UAV manufacturers are responding to these demands.

For a dependable system choose a reputable manufacturer

At SITECH Southwest, we have been flying drones for years and have a history of developing relationships with UAV manufacturers. Because we provide training and support it’s important to partner with a reliable and consistent manufacturer. The following are descriptions of our top systems.

DJI Enterprise Dealer & the Enterprise Shield

Being an enterprise dealer for DJI means that the systems we sell are for commercial use versus for hobby. DJI Enterprise systems are more robust than most in their UAV category, plus they have straightforward operating systems. This alone is worth the purchase. Plus, DJI Enterprise includes their Enterprise Shield protection. The Enterprise Shield protection offers the following coverage options:
• Unlimited free drone replacements
• Unlimited sharing coverage for your whole fleet
• Free repair services for accidental damages
• Backup device service
• Water damage coverage

Quantum-Systems Replacement Coverage Plan (RCP)

The Quantum Trinity F90+ has quickly become one of the more popular UAV systems to own. It has amazing capabilities for commercial surveying and mapping. With a 90-minute flight time this UAV can cover large areas and is finding its way into being the type of commercial survey system organizations depend on. To address this, we are offering a multi-level support system.
1) Quantum Trinity F90+ comes with a 1-year standard warranty covering any manufacturing problems.
2) Quantum RCP program offers added warranties that cover replacement for flight planning mistakes, mishandling, environmental conditions, and transport damage.

If you are already running a survey crew with UAV systems or you’re contemplating adding drones to your capabilities, think about your requirements and the application – both capability and cost. Then think about the support you will need. Finding the right amount of support to keep you up and running is a good investment.

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