Trimble’s New R750 Modular Receiver

The R750 is not only a direct replacement for the SPS85x series of receivers, but also comes with useful upgrades making it a versatile tool.  As typical with a new product, out with the old; the SPS855 has been discontinued and is no longer available.  The good news is the R750 uses the same antennas and data cables besides offering many new enhancements.

For construction use, the R750 will be utilized as a local base station in place of a SPS855 receiver. The R750 can be used for both base and rover modes. This article will focus on using it as a base station.

Some of the physical enhancements include:

  • Larger Display
    • The display has 32-characters on four rows for a total of 128-characters.
  • Power
    • Use the same 7-pin Lemo that you use with the SPS855.
    • Standard USB-C port (same as Android Phone) for charging the internal battery or connecting a standard USB-C battery pack.
    • Internal 7.26 VDC 6700 mAh Lithium battery will operate as a base for 5-6 hours.
  • Connectivity
    • 4 and 5Ghz Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • Ethernet
    • Integrated LTE Modem with SIM Slot
    • Integrated 900 MHz UHF transceiver
  • GNSS Measurements
    • Advanced Trimble Maxwell 7 custom GNSS chips with 336-channels
    • Trimble Everest Plus multipath signal rejection
    • Track all-in-view GNSS constellations

Overall, the main enhancements are larger display, the ability to configure and start a base from a cell phone, and the enhanced signal tracking.  When replacing or upgrading a SPS85x with the R750, it’s plug and play using the same cables and some operations in Siteworks or SCS900.