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Trimble Paving Control Solutions

Secure better contracts and cut your costs with improved paving controls allowing for speedy, polished performance. You’ll find the paving control systems we offer give you an edge over the competition. Significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve professional results with the latest technology from a leading manufacturer of construction software, equipment and control solutions. The Trimble name carries trust in performance as well as long-lasting value. Put it to the test while improving the quality, speed and safety of all your paving projects.

SITECH Southwest offers an array of Trimble Paving Control Systems that allow highway construction contractors to perform numerous paving applications with greater speed and efficiency. Trimble Paving Control Systems can meet your needs during every phase of a construction project, whether you’re building a brand-new road or repairing existing surfaces. Solutions are available for paving, compaction and milling applications.

Asphalt Paving

Laying asphalt can be a complicated and lengthy process. Speed things up using the best tools on the market. Choose from two different Trimble Paving Control Systems for asphalt including:



This Trimble paving control solution features highly-accurate sensors that help to minimize project costs through reduced material consumption. The PCS400 system also delivers unparalleled smoothness for the finished surface. And because the PCS400 system is so easy to use, you’ll be able to reduce operator training time and experience fewer mistakes in the course of a paving project.



PCS 900

The PCS 900 system provides a smooth paving result even when no accurate surface reference exists. The PCS 900 is also a completely-stringless system which saves the time and effort required in the staking process. As a result, this Trimble Paving Control System is the perfect choice for your more complex paving applications.


Asphalt Compaction

Take full advantage of our paving solutions selection. Trimble Paving Control Systems also include a pair of highly effective asphalt compaction solutions:


CCS 900 +

Improve compaction consistency in your asphalt paving applications with the CCS900 system. This system can provide a reliable pass count map to ensure the appropriate level of compaction. The operator can also roll in a more consistent pattern which helps to reduce task completion time while improving the fuel efficiency of your compacting machines.



CCS 900

The CCSFlex system features a built-in GPS positioning sensor to enable the most accurate positioning of your compactors throughout the workday. The in-cab control box provides real-time visual pass count and compaction guidance that allows the operator to more precisely track the number of passes made over a particular area.



Make every stage of paving jobs faster and more efficient. Remove surface imperfections with ease with the help of Trimble Paving Control System for milling:


GCS 900

The GCS900 allows you to mill surfaces to precise depths and slopes without the danger of over-cutting. Enjoy the benefits of accurate 3D milling, including smoother roads, less material usage and shorter lane shutdowns times.


Get Your Free Trimble Paving Control System Quote

Utilize the latest technology available to deliver outstanding results at a savings. Our paving solutions allow you to do that and more. Reduce errors and safety incidents, conserve material waste and produce perfectly paved surfaces every time.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art construction technology that will improve productivity and cut costs for all your paving projects, resulting in greater profitability for your business. Contact SITECH Southwest for your free Trimble Paving Control System quote today.

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