Morley’s Meticulous Material Movement Benefits Bottom Line, Customers 



Customer Profile: Las Vegas, Nevada-based Morley Grading, a family owned excavation and demolition company founded by Corey Morley. The contractor specializes in commercial projects such as warehouse tilt ups. 

Business Challenge: Bid and move materials on jobsites of all scope and scale with accuracy and ease


  • Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver 
  • Trimble SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna 
  • Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform 
  • Trimble Siteworks Field Software 


  • Fast, precise material calculations 
  • Easy comparison of concept to grade specifications 
  • Assured position accuracy 

It began like many other days…moving dirt.  

Las Vegas-based Morley Grading was tasked with removing 14,000 cubic yards of material as part of a large warehouse construction project. Specifically, this family owned earthworks contractor was tasked to move, quantify and crush all of the stockpiled material—and then make sure all of that material was allocated appropriately to other projects in the region. The family owned contractor specializes in commercial projects such as this.  

Stephan Camden, co-owner and general superintendent at Morley Grading, said, “Export projects have long been a challenge for many in the industry because of the need to efficiently shift those materials offsite. A lot of people shy away from it because of the material management aspects. But we are quite comfortable with these jobs because I trust my technology enabled workflow.” 

It’s an all-GNSS methodology that includes a rover, field software and 3D machine control that continues to evolve and improve the way Morley Grading completes earthworks projects, to the benefit of its customers and its bottom line. 

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