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Featuring Trimble Business Center, the only office software you need to manage, analyze, and process site and highway construction data. Learn the best methods and procedures for effectively completing your projects. Use Business Center successfully from day one with this hands-on, expert-led class.

$750.00 Per Seat

Requirements: Computer with TBC V 5.3 installed, speakers, microphone, a mouse and good internet service.

Site Takeoff

What you will learn:

  • Template set up with view filters, layers and layer groups
  • Build a material data base
  • Standardize layers for a dynamic takeoff
  • Input the information from PDF files
  • Build site demo and subgrade areas

May 26      |      REGISTER
June 16     |      REGISTER
July 7        |       REGISTER

Site Utility

What you will learn:

  • Build a utility network
  • Build pipe runs
  • Perform a utility takeoff
  • Export to the field for layout and machine control

June 9      |       REGISTER
July 14     |       REGISTER

Site Modeling

What you will learn:

  • Import CAD files and PDF files
  • Clean up line-work needed for the model
  • Standardize layers for dynamic modeling
  • How to clip contours
  • How to elevate all the necessary line-work

May 12       |      REGISTER
June 2       |       REGISTER
June 23     |       REGISTER
July 21       |       REGISTER

Haul Road Design

What you will learn:

  • Build a centerline alignment
  • Use the Side Slope Tool
  • How to modify the road in profile view
  • Calculate cut to fill
  • Use smart text for live cut to fill numbers

June 19      |      REGISTER

Roading Class

What you will learn:

  • How to build a centerline alignment
  • How to build vertical curves
  • How to build Super Elevation
  • How to build roads with the use of the corridor
  • Create files for the field

May 19       |      REGISTER
June 30      |       REGISTER
July 28       |       REGISTER

UAS Master

What you will learn:

  • Set up a template in TBC
  • Set TBC to a sites calibration
  • Import GCP's in into TBC
  • Export information into UAS Master
  • Import images into UAS Master

May 15       |      REGISTER
June 26      |      REGISTER
July 24       |      REGISTER

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We offer custom courses over a wide-range of topics. We will work with you to create an agenda that fits your needs.

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