Construction workers use grade control solutions to increase performance in a wide range of on-site projects. Grade control is often essential for company excavators, scrapers, dozers, compactors and other heavy equipment to reach optimal efficiency. SITECH Southwest works with some of the industry’s top manufacturers, bringing the highest-quality products and services to construction workers and agriculturists in Southeast California and Arizona.

Overview of Our Repair Services for Grade Control Systems

At SITECH Southwest, we’re authorized to provide maintenance and repairs for Trimble grade control systems. If a sudden issue arises with your grade control system, we’ll conduct a full repair using our arsenal of replacement parts. Our services and support cover preventive maintenance, repairs, technology upgrades and more so you can remain competitive and continue to satisfy clients.

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What Can We Help You With?

An effective grade control system helps you manage your equipment and project designs with technologically advanced monitoring and display technology. We have experience working with Trimble GCS900 and GCSFlex models, which offer automated function controls, highly accurate sensors for measurements and excellent durability in harsher environments.

We use our repair services for grade control systems to help increase your business's return on investment. Our technicians do the job right every time so you can:

  • Reduce project downtime
  • Save money
  • Prevent future complications
  • Keep up with the latest technology

Our maintenance and repair opportunities raise productivity at your work sites while making the jobs of your employees easier and safer.

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Why Work With Us?

Our main priority at SITECH Southwest is to help you maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs in the field. With repair services for grade control systems, you can make the most of your equipment investment without having to spend a fortune on a new system. We’ll do more than fix your technical issues — we’ll also work closely with you to address weaknesses and help prevent future mistakes. 

Many businesses lack the experience and resources to manage their technology systems alone. As providers of the most reliable repair services in the area, we’ll offer the safety net your equipment and employees need. Whether you’re dealing with a display or automated control issue, we have the knowledge and parts necessary to fix it quickly.

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Whatever type of development, construction or land reclamation project you’re working on, a working grade control system can improve the performance of your company’s heavy equipment. Invest in our grade control maintenance and repair services, and we’ll help provide your business with the technology support it deserves. Contact us online or call us at 602-600-0214 to learn more or schedule services with us today!

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SITECH Southwest continues to proudly hold its position as the premier technology solutions provider for the Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Landfill, and Quarry & Aggregates industries. With unwavering commitment, we offer our exceptional services to Arizona, Nevada, and Southeast California, solidifying our reputation as the trusted leader in these regions.

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