Laser Levels

Surveying tasks and construction projects heavily rely on laser levels to ensure precision and efficiency. Count on our laser levels for remarkable accuracy and consistent reference points for your construction and precision projects. At SITECH Southwest, we support our clients' needs for quality and attention to detail by carrying reliable laser levels from Spectra Precision.

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Understanding Laser Levels

Laser levels emit a laser beam that projects dots or lines onto the surface. The projected line serves as a reference point for surveyors, builders, and construction professionals to ensure precise elevation and achieve level surfaces. 

In construction, laser levels are used for various building construction and elevation tasks, such as:

  • Establishing level posts and grades 
  • Assessing land elevations
  • Ensuring accurate framing
  • Aligning concrete forms

Professional-Grade Levels

Streamline overall processes and reinforce productivity with the Spectra AL auto levels designed for experienced professionals. These professional-grade levels are a must for both entry-level construction tasks and more advanced projects. The instruments optimize various tasks, such as elevation control, landscaping, area leveling, distance estimation and cut and fill measurement.

Go automatic with the Spectra AL series and improve productivity with its key benefits:

  • Stability and accuracy in every application: The automatic compensators ensure stable and precise angles during alignment tasks. Choose the air-dampened compensator for higher accuracy at longer distances or invest in magnetic compensator tasks in high-vibration sites.
  • Better performance: Different magnification choices and superior optics deliver bright, sharp projects even in low-light environments.
  • Quick and convenient measurement: Stadia lines enable easy distance calculations, while the horizontal scale provides simple angle measurement. There’s a built-in bubble mirror for more efficient setup and leveling. 
  • Increased durability: The metal housing and hard carrying case provide added protection in various setups. The devices are also water-resistant to prevent damage.

Why Choose Our Levels and Laser Level Solutions?

SITECH Southwest is your trusted source for levels and laser level solutions from Spectra Precision that are tailored to your needs. Every Spectra Precision level and laser level adheres to industry standards for safety and efficiency during operation. 

We distribute leading technology solutions to professionals in various industries across Arizona and Nevada, as well as select locations in California. Our expertise gives you peace of mind that you're getting the highest-quality laser-level devices for your business. 

The SITECH team consists of experienced professionals to ensure we can help you find the best solutions for your construction tasks. Our experts can also help you solve challenges over the course of your project by providing hands-on training and support to your team. If you encounter issues with your equipment, our certified service technicians are ready to assist you at any time of the day. Reduce downtime and get back to your project with 24/7 support. 

Partner with us for your construction needs and invest in our laser levels to:

  • Get the highest-quality product: All level and laser levels in our collection deliver exceptional accuracy for site preparation or foundation leveling. 
  • Work on various construction applications: Our levels and laser level solutions cater to different measurement and alignment projects. 
  • Ensuring comfort at work: Whether you are working outdoors or indoors with low light conditions, our devices provide bright and clear images for easy viewing and measurement. 
  • Reducing errors and downtime: With precise measurements, you minimize errors that may cause downtime in operations and additional costs. 
  • Improve project efficiency: Rely on our tool to provide consistent, accurate measurements to enhance productivity on site and complete projects faster.

Make Accurate Alignment a Priority With SITECH Southwest

Accuracy is a top priority when building quality structure that lasts for a long time. Choose our levels and laser levels and ensure precise measurement with every task. Contact us today to submit a request and learn more about our laser level solutions. 

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