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Construction Lasers

In the construction industry, time is money, which is why every instrument you use must be accurate enough to trust without triple-checking your data. Trimble construction lasers are among the most reliable in the industry, and now they have even bigger benefits. The newest models have been fine-tuned to collect and process information more precisely using easier methods that take less time.

Our collection consists of several models built for repetitive use in the field. No matter the conditions, you can count on Trimble units to perform well time and again in every type of weather. Your investment will be long-lived, and it will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Right along with being more accurate and durable, Trimble construction lasers help simplify processes. With these new methods in place, all of your site measuring tasks will be completed faster than ever before.

SITECH Southwest is your source for precision construction laser transmitters by Trimble, a worldwide leader in the development of cutting-edge integrated positioning technologies for nearly 35 years. The Trimble laser product line is highlighted by the Trimble Spectra Precision Laser that takes accuracy and precision to a whole new level.

Trimble Construction Lasers

SITECH Southwest offers Trimble Spectra Laser transmitters for a wide variety of general construction applications. You’ll find a Spectra Precision Laser for every need and price range.Consider how our current options can be used to simplify your business and help you complete projects faster.

400 Series Grade Laser

400 Series

The entry-level 400 Series consists of automatic self-leveling single and dual grade laser transmitters featuring a wide grade range for numerous slope applications.



500 Series Grade Lasers

500 Series

The mid-range 500 Series of Spectra Precision Lasers builds upon the 400 product line by incorporating a 2-way, full-function remote control with a built-in back-lit grade display. Enjoy the ability to make grade changes remotely, which can reduce setup time and increase overall productivity.



600 Series Grade Laser

600 Series

The 600 Series of Precision construction laser transmitters offer the convenience of automatic precision for even the most complex alignments. You get the benefit of total grade control functionality even when operating inside the cab of an excavator or other piece of heavy equipment.



700 Series Grade Lasers

700 Series

The highly-advanced features included in the 700 Series offer superior precision and control. Choose from five models that make it easy to match the laser with your specific applications.



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