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Connected Farm

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Connected Farm™ web software from SITECH Southwest allows you to manage your farming business from any compatible web browser with live access. Data can be collected in the field using your smartphone, tablet, or with Trimble's DCM-300 modem in the cab. Your free Connected Farm account allows you to easily view, sort, and print information so that you are able to make better management decisions from any location. You get access to timely and accurate information regarding vehicle use, location and condition in a customizable format that meets your business needs. Connected Farm web software gives you access to real-time movement of your vehicles, engine performance data, vehicle alerts, field boundaries, and scouting data. Use the data provided by the software to make quick and intelligent decisions regarding the deployment of your operators, so you can maximize their performance. Connected Farm web software also gives you a complete position history of every vehicle in your fleet; you’ll know exactly where the vehicle has been and when and for how long it was there. It also makes your life easier by providing instant updates within the web application while protecting your valuable data with secure backups. By helping you improve the performance of your operators and providing valuable maintenance information that can reduce machine downtime, Connect Farm can also increase the overall efficiency of your farm operation. Greater efficiency has a positive impact on what matters most: your bottom line.