Gathering high-quality data requires powerful technology in today’s demanding competitive market. That is why SITECH Southwest has a range of drone survey equipment for sale. Our UAV surveying systems make it fast and easy to capture data from a specific location.. 

If you’re looking for a drone surveying solution that fits your organization, we serve industries in both Arizona and Southeast California.

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How Does Land Surveying Equipment for Drones Work?

Drones often play a role in information gathering for land development, construction projects, terrain management, crop management and more. Land surveying equipment typically has multiple sensors and cameras, which allow it to collect data from an aerial perspective. You can turn this data into high-quality 2D or 3D maps thanks to the power of high-resolution images and drone versatility. 

Drones can capture visual images from close and far-off vantage points, along with a variety of different angles. You may use drone survey equipment to create a broad range of 2D and 3D structures, such as multi-spectral maps, 3D models, thermal maps, photogrammetry, orthomosaic maps and more.

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Benefits of Drone Survey Equipment

Drone survey equipment from SITECH Southwest comes with multiple advantages, including:

  • Time and money savings: Using drone survey equipment is a far less time-consuming way to gather topographical data than implementing other types of equipment or using manual methods. With the hours you’ll save by using automated imaging processes, you can devote more resources toward other improvements and strategies. In the long run, our solutions may also help you reduce labor expenses.
  • Increased safety: Some areas can be challenging or even physically dangerous to traverse. Land surveying equipment for drones makes it possible to access structures and landmasses of almost all types, regardless of the terrain. Drones can fly over many areas without posing a significant risk to you or other employees.
  • Massive amounts of quality data: In a market that’s constantly changing and evolving, you need a system that can help you do more without harming performance. Drone survey equipment acts fast and provides superior data quality under a range of conditions. Our products help you gather massive amounts of information over a short period, which is an excellent way to extend your reach and grow as a business. 
  • Greater versatility: Our drone survey equipment is an all-in-one solution for your topographical data needs. Capable of handling both densely populated and sparse areas, this equipment delivers information in a variety of formats while offering you a clear view of each area and its defining features. 

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When you partner with SITECH Southwest, you’ll gain access to construction, mining and agricultural equipment from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Our variety of solutions and training services will ensure you’re equipped to manage any application. To learn more about our drone survey equipment for sale, call us at 602-600-0214 or fill out our contact form online.