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Documentation, Support & Firmware Updates



442 GNSS Receiver


Autopilot System
Aquila DM (see Aquila Mining Systems website)


Business Center - HCE


CB450 Control Box
CB460 Control Box

CenterPoint™ RTK correction services

CenterPoint™ RTX correction services
CenterPoint™ VRS correction services
Connected Farm




EZ-Boom® System

EZ-Guide® 500 System

EZ-Steer® Assisted Steering System

EZ-Pilot™ assisted steering system


Field-IQ™ crop input control system













MineStar (see Caterpillar website)
MineStar FleetCommander (see Caterpillar website)
MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna
MS990 Smart GPS+GLONASS Antenna
MS992 GNSS Smart Antenna
MT900 Machine Target










RTS Series Robotic Total Stations
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R8 Model 2 GNSS
R8 Model 3 GNSS


SCS900 Site Controller Software
SiteVision™ Office
SNR On-Machine Radios
SNM940 Connected Site Gateway
SNR2400 On-Machine Radio
SPS610 Robotic Total Station
SPS700 Construction Total Station
SPS710 Robotic Total Station
SPS630, SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations
SPS750 and SPS850 Modular GPS Receivers
SPS780 and SPS880 Smart GPS Antenna
SPS781 Smart GPS Antenna
SPS851 Modular GPS Receiver
SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver
SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver
SPS881 Smart GPS Antenna
SPS882 Smart GPS Antenna
SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna


TCA1 Controller
TSC3 Controller for Construction






 WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution