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Construction Manager Software

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If your current construction management software isn’t meeting the needs of your business or is a hassle to use, Trimble can provide the solution. Trimble Construction Manager, available from SITECH Southwest, provides an intuitive interface that connects assets in the field to decision-makers in the office, making it easy to evaluate construction operations and take action in real-time. Trimble construction management software helps centralize and simplify on-site operations management. It also improves individual asset productivity and reduces maintenance and fuel costs. Trimble construction management software provides extensive data for accurate billing, project costing and estimating future projects and helps to improves both operator and site safety. Additionally, it reduces overtime and increases employee productivity and allows integration of ERP systems, such as payroll, accounting and in-house maintenance packages. A key Trimble Construction Manager feature is its ability to alert you regarding the movement of your equipment based on criteria you determine. Receive an alert when a piece of equipment is used after hours without your permission or whenever it leaves a specific area. These alerts can help prevent damage to your equipment that can also result in costly downtime. This could save your business thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Perhaps the most important benefit of using Trimble construction management software is that it provides peace of mind by giving you much less to worry about during the course of the workday.