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Trimble Universal Total Stations

Get QuoteBrand: TrimbleModel: SPS630, SPS730 & SPS930
There are so many variables that can affect the accuracy of site measurements on a job site. Trimble SPC robotic total stations, available from SITECH Southwest, give you greater control of the site measurement process, providing you with reliable results you can trust. The Trimble® SPS630, SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations were designed specifically for the high traffic scenarios typically found on a construction site. Unique Trimble technology ignores environmental obstructions and eliminates the possibility that the instrument would lock onto the wrong reflective surface such as a reflective vest or light cover on a vehicle. Innovative technology makes Trimble SPS robotic total stations flexible and reliable site measurement solutions. Trimble total stations are equipped with Trimble MultiTrack™ technology for more precise grade control. Trimble MagDrive™ servo technology offers faster pointing, aiming and tracking for increased grading speed and accuracy. Trimble SurePoint™ technology automatically corrects improper angles that can result in inaccurate instrument pointing. Trimble stations also offer a choice of several different accuracy levels to meet your specific site measurement requirements. Whether the task at hand is stockpile or tunnel measurement, layouts of structures or foundations, or fine grading applications, a Trimble total station can provide a fast and precise measuring solution.