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Trimble Site Positioning Systems

Every project begins with a well-suited build site. At SITECH Southwest, we have the tools to adequately prepare for projects of all sizes. Our selection begins with affordable equipment aimed at providing accurate results and the essential information needed to decide on the best specs for construction of any size.

As an authorized Trimble dealer, SITECH Southwest is perfectly “positioned” to deliver a wide range of Trimble Site Positioning Systems to your business. Trimble SPS equipment enables you to complete tasks faster and with greater accuracy while helping to keep material costs low. It also facilitates the process of sharing critical information between members of your construction team, whether they’re on the job site or in the office.

Would you like to reduce the effort and expense needed to produce quality work? We provide you with the right tools to get the right information when and where it’s needed, and the capabilities to put it to its best use. Choose the SPS hardware, software or accessory that meets your specific business needs.

Select from our latest Trimble SPS equipment offerings including: 

SCS900 Site Controller Software

SCS900 Site Controller Software

This Trimble software solution is the ideal organizational tool for engineers, foremen, surveyors and other construction professionals. SCS900 software increases efficiency when performing essential tasks such as staking and grade checking.


Business Center

Business Center

This self-contained field data management center is a valuable tool for functions such as quantifying takeoff and cost estimating, 3D visualization, construction planning and data preparation for machine control and site positioning systems.


Site Tablet

Site Tablet

Use this lightweight, portable tablet with SCS900 Site Controller Software to gain real-time access to vital construction data, wherever you are on the job site. This tablet features rugged design and construction for regular outdoor use.


SPS985 GNS Smart Antenna

SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna

Increase accuracy while performing site measurement tasks with this powerful SPS985 GNSS smart antenna that can serve as a Wi-Fi-enabled base station or as a pole-mounted rover system. Enhanced internal shock isolation ensures superior performance even when the antenna is used in a vehicle traveling over rugged terrain.



Site Tablet

Trimble Universal Total Stations

These Trimble Site Positioning Systems are designed to bypass environmental obstructions and other obstacles that are part of the typical high-traffic construction site to ensure total accuracy when locking on to the appropriate surface. You’ll enjoy greater control when performing a variety of site measurement and stakeout tasks.



VisionLink Project Monitoring

VisionLink Project Monitoring

This valuable decision-making tool offers a complete view of your construction site by centralizing and integrating essential functions such as fleet management and material quantities and movement. You’ll get instant access to a host of relevant data, enabling you to make critical adjustments on the fly. Check out the VisionLink Project Monitoring system today!



Get a Free Trimble Positioning System Price Quote

Not sure which Trimble Site Positioning System will make the most improvements for your business? Give us a call! We have a highly knowledgeable team ready to walk you through the features of our superior SPS equipment.

Contact us to receive a free Trimble SPS equipment price quote or to learn more about our complete Trimble product inventory. We proudly serve all of Arizona as well as portions of California and Mexico. Discover the many benefits of making SITECH Southwest your construction technology provider!

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