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Machine Control Technology

SITECH Southwest has earned the distinction of being the leading construction technology provider for Arizona, and parts of California and Mexico, by offering a wide range of high-tech solutions that make job site applications fast and easy. A shining example is our selection of innovative machine control systems by Trimble. As an authorized Trimble dealer, we are perfectly positioned to be your source for top-quality new and used Trimble machine control products. We also offer complete training, service and support for Trimble machine control systems technology. Our inventory of Trimble machine control systems includes:

Compact Machines

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Our machine control technology solutions include cost-effective Trimble grade control systems for your compact machines: small dozers, backhoe loaders, skid steers and other compact machinery. These include easy-to-use single and dual control systems for automatic control of blade elevation, as well as lifting and tilting of attachments for simplified and accurate grade control applications. We also offer Trimble depth display systems for faster and more efficient excavation tasks.


Flex Family

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The Trimble Flex family offers reliable machine technology solutions for your soil and asphalt compactors and excavators. The CCSFlex Compaction Control System is a comprehensive “system in a case” for efficient pass count mapping for soil excavators. The GSCFlex Grade Control System provides multiple configuration options for enhanced performance of typical excavator applications such as digging and trenching.


Grade Control

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Looking to improve safety, shorten job times or simply make jobs faster and easier? Witness the benefits of our latest Trimble grade control system. Say goodbye to stakes and other materials that make work more difficult. Now, you can accurately remove and place soil from the comfort of your cab, and you can do it in record time.

The GCS900 Series is specifically-designed to increase productivity and performance for operators of dozers, excavators, motor graders, soil compactors and scrapers. These revolutionary machine control technology solutions offer a broad range of user-friendly features, making them ideally suited for novice and experienced construction technology users alike.

The GCS900 tracks GLONASS, GPS, Galileo coordinates, as well as cut/fill and other design processes. This information is streamed to the cab in real-time, significantly reducing the risk for errors. Jobs are performed more accurately in shorter time, leading to lower costs and increased performance. As equipment is being more tightly controlled, you’ll also see an improvement in safety measures.

You can count on Trimble products can improve speed, accuracy and performance for a number of common construction applications.



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Trimble laser transmitters offer improved precision in grading applications of all types. The Trimble laser family of products features the cutting-edge Spectra Precision Laser line comprised of three series of cost-effective laser solutions. Precision Lasers offer enhanced grading accuracy that can save you time and money,including new “fingerprinting” technology that allows for long-distance data reporting. Spectra Precision Lasers are designed to provide many years of reliable performance in even the most challenging operating conditions. The latest developments allow you to configure and share reports faster and easier.



Learn More About Our Superior Machine Control Technology Solutions

Contact SITECH Southwest to learn more about the many ways a Trimble machine control system can get the most out of your equipment and increase the overall productivity and profitability of your construction operation. We’ll also be happy to provide you with a no-obligation machine control system quote.

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