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3D GCS900 Motor Graders

Get QuoteBrand: TrimbleModel: GCS900 - Motor Graders
The Trimble GCS900 system puts the site plan - design surfaces, grades and alignments - inside the cab. Using the single GNSS antenna configuration, the position and blade slope is measured. Using dual GNSS, the exact position, very accurate cross slope, and heading of the blade is measured. When you’re searching for ways to lower costs and improve material yields, a Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System helps you get more done in less time and effort. This highly productive, integrated and innovative grading solution reduces the need for rework, staking and checking, while at the same time helping operators of all experience levels work more effectively and efficiently. The GCS900 system comes Trimble Connected Site ready, for the ability to collect and analyze performance data and monitor equipment to diagnose problems in real-time. Features and benefits include: • In-cab displays that relay critical information to the operator to reduce the need for additional supervision • Completely scalable Trimble 3-D Grade Control solutions for all types of jobsites, applications and equipment • Compatibility with a wide range of Trimble components capable of reliable performance in challenging work conditions As a leading global distributor for rugged and reliable construction technology systems, SITECH provides access to the cutting-edge solutions your business needs to be stronger and more productive. Our experienced team will assist in analyzing your requirements in order to recommend the right 3-D motor grader technology for your specific applications and operating environments. We can even handle installation and ongoing service and technical support.