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Yield Monitoring

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With a Trimble® Yield Monitoring system, you can accurately collect the yield and moisture data for your crop—critical information for all precision agriculture operations. Accurate yield data can help you perform analyses to prepare for the following year and is invaluable for decision making on your farm. Whether you’re in the field or in the office, Trimble Yield Monitoring systems can help you improve overall crop performance. A Trimble Yield Monitoring system can be used in the field for numerous tracking functions, so you can accurately compare the performance of different seed varieties. You can also measure moisture content to determine if and when grain should be dried or stored, as well as to track grain loads on your trucks. Use yield monitoring to automatically adjust cut width when traversing oddly-shaped or previously-harvested fields to increase yield calculation accuracy. Use your Trimble Yield Monitoring system in conjunction with Farm Works software for enhanced in-office yield analysis. Pinpoint areas where crop performance meets your expectations, as well as those that need attention. You can also generate informative reports that provide historical crop yield data that can assist you in your planning efforts.